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  1. Best sounding upgrades, recomend highly!!

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    :thumbup:Im just so happy with my new upgrades I had to share. Big City Thunder Baffles in my V&H was a great sound upgrade. I didnt notice much in the HP sector but exhaust sounds better. It took about 1 hour to install. Second upgrade is the Sound of Chrome Speakers. They sound great look...
  2. HID Headlight - Radio Problem - Need Help

    General MC Message Board
    So I put on a HID headlight last fall and I love the thing. The low beam is HID and the high is standard. I recently purchased a stereo fairing and I get some interference to the radio signal when the HID is on. I have searched the web looking for a fix and can't seem to find one. I have checked...
  3. Stereo fairing with Sound

    GPS/MP3/Electronic mc devices
    I have ordered a fairing Woody's fairing and am looking for recommendations on wiring for sound. I assume the radio preset clock and memory power goes straight to the battery? What are you all using for the ground and main power source that's hooked to the ignition? I had a stereo on my...
  4. Plastic or Fiberglass Xtreme Fairing

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Hello All, Going to be buying one of those Xtreme Fairings and wondered if the extra $$$ for the Fiberglass is worth it? I'm thinking of getting Plastic, ported, with radio. That should put it around $700 with out paint. Ready to get some tunes on my ride :D Thanks for any input, VWDigger
  5. Looking for a good intercom system HELP

    GPS/MP3/Electronic mc devices
    I'm looking for a helmet intercom system, either driver to driver or driver to passenger. I bought a pair a year ago and they work like crap. You can only hear at about 40-50mph Does anyone know of any good brands out there that work really well? Do they mount inside your helmet?