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  1. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Hello, I'm about to buy new tires and I decided to get this time whitewalls for my VTX1800S. The problem I have is that I can't get the 150/80-17 WW for front anywhere... The closest size are 140/80-17 or 160/70-17. Called the local tire workshop and was told to get only the widest size in...
  2. General MC Discussions
    The temperatures have been playing down in the 40's (and tapping the 30's a couple times) for my morning ride to work. It's getting a wee bit chilly, but I don't mind a bit with the right gear. I know freezing temps, frost and ice on the roads, and snow are all just around the corner. I won't be...
  3. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Hi Everyone. First time posting here. Just picked up a new (to me) 2007 VTX 1300 R this winter. I must say, I love it so far. I put new Cobra Speedster Longs on it with a re-jet, and its great. My bike also came with the Tsukayu Batwing Fairing, seen here...
  4. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Hello there, My X started to leak last summer at the drain bolt. I tried to tighten it and it broke off. My question is do I need a new Water pump? Or can I somehow repair this? I have no fluid In the radiator now, and I have rode it since this happened, I hope that I did not hurt anything...
  5. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    i just recently got my 2002 VTX 1800R and it has a trumpet air horn on it. one of the trumpets was broken off before i got it. i cant see a brand name on it. is there anywhere i can get replacement horns without having to get a compressor and everything else? i found some about the same size at...
  6. For Sale VTX 1800 Related
    Replacing my Kuryakyn's and cracked the throttle sleeve trying to remove the grip. Need to purchase a factory version so I can have the sleeve. Let me kno what you have. Thanks. Can email me at [email protected]
1-6 of 6 Results