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  1. Rides, Trips, and Events
    For anyone looking to meet a relatively large group of riders going to Rolling Thunder in DC on May 27th from the western Virginia area details are below. Shenandoah Car Wash is the meeting place and we are leaving at 8:00AM. 602 Fourth St Shenandoah, VA 22849 (The town of Shenandoah is in the...
  2. Rides, Trips, and Events
    For all the good thunderously rolling brothers and sisters in the DC area this weekend, Peter Wolf (yes, THAT Peter Wolf, from the J. Geils Band) and his band will be playing their last show of his Spring Tour at The State Theater in Falls Church, Va on Sunday May 30th. The State Theatre 220...
  3. General MC Discussions
    I"m flying from Baltimore to Arkansas this Thursday and will likely purchase a 2008 1800T with 0 miles. I need some advice. For starters, does the 1800 have an sae battery tap or some line I can easily go in to power a lighter/power plug? Second, this will be my longest trip (over 1000...
1-3 of 3 Results