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  1. Motorcycle theft prevention

    Maintenance & Accessory Log
    Hey guys, I was just thinking about updating my safety gear and I stumbled upon this: Motorcycle tracker | Vigo Smart Track It's a tracker that supposedly prevents theft and has SOS call. It seems it's a new product, and I kinda think it's interesting. What are your thoughts on this? Does...
  2. BEWARE: Scammers on VTXOA

    General MC Message Board
    Hi there! Visiting and reading this forum for some time now. Usualy looking for tech info and such. Recently I posted my first post at "Wanted or WTB VTX Classifieds" as I am looking for stock exhaust for my vtx ( -...
  3. Best lock for the 1800

    General MC Message Board
    I'll be doing some riding/camping over the summer and wanted some suggestions on the best security locks for my bike. I've seen your basic cable/lock and others that lock on the rotors. Is there any particular kind or brand that is consistently rated above the others? Input is appreciated.