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  1. New front springs when replacing fork seals?

    General MC Message Board
    Last fall my left fork seal started leaking. So I need to get that replaced. Figured I'd do the right side too as I have 52k on my 2002 1800C. Do I replace the springs too as long as everything is apart? If so, Progressive or RaceTech? RaceTech are supposed to be tailored to weight, worth...
  2. 08 1800 NEO OEM parts for sale

    1800 Classifieds-For Sale Only
    All of these items came off my 08 1800 Neo. All prices are before shipping. Stock exhaust - $150 Stock Seat - $75 Upper Front Fork Chrome Covers - $25 Stock Front Fork Springs - $40 Stock Grips - $10 The risers came off of an 07 1300 Retro, I believe.
  3. Gasket (Stoop-id) Question

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Ok, So I bought the Honda-Bond Semi-Drying Liquid Gasket for my MTC Clutch install, I'm DONE, easily thanks to BARE's Writeup! :thumbup: Now, the stupid part, How long do I need to let the gasket dry? I'm guessing at least an hour, but how long before it it safe to put the oil in? I did...