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  1. 1300R with Passenger Pulling a Trailer

    VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Recently me and my woman did a 947 mile ride from Oklahoma City > Hot Springs, AR > Eureka Springs, AR > Oklahoma City. This was my 1st time to travel this long with a passenger and I am impressed on how well my 1300 handled the extra weight. The trip went so well that we are now planning a...
  2. FOR SALE: Pod-Ium Motorcycle Trailer

    Just Stuff 4 Sale and Just Stuff WTB
    Top-notch motorcycle trailer manufactured in Quebec; exceptional quality. Easy to load and tie down the bike - one person can do it. This trailer is in excellent condition (3yrs old). No trades/no delivery. Cash or U. S. Postal Money Order only. This trailer is located on the coast of...
  3. Fold Up or Portable Trailer Suggestions?

    VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Does anyone have experience with some of the fold-up or other portable trailers that are less expensive than the Kendon's? I need something that I can either disassemble or fold-up. I've looked at the Trailer In A Bag, and RHMC1, and this other stand-up kit, but I'm not as confident that...