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  1. Traded the X: OEM and Aftermarket parts for sale in Ohio

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    Traded in the VTX 1300R/S FOUND SOME NEW ITEMS TO ADD Kuryakyn Curved Laydown License Plate Frame -$25.00SOLD Kuryakyn Switchblade Footpegs - $50.00 O.E.M. Clutch cable - $10.00 O.E.M. EQUIPMENT: Honda VTX Service Manual - $25.00 Brake and clutch levers - $20.00 Hondaline deluxe backrest and...
  2. 2008 vtx1800t for sale feeler?

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    I have a 2008 vtx1800t i am thinking about selling. 8000 miles as clean as a bike with 8000 can be. It is black and maroon factory paint. 3 peice ultimate big boy seat setup no driver backrest. cobra fatty bar with kuryakan offset adjustable pegs. Gel battery installed the beginning of this...
  3. Ultimate seat

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    ultimate seatI have for sale an ultimate low rider seat I purchased new for my 2008 1800T. This seat has no evidence of wear, it is an extremely nice seat. I installed the seat and rode with it for just a few weeks it is just like new. I will only sell as a complete package which will include...
  4. '03-VTX 1800C passenger backrest

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    I just mounted what I thought was a Honda Tall Chrome Backrest on my '03 1800C. The mounting side plates and the hole configuration for the backrest pad (or nipple would discribe it better) do not look like any pictures I have seen of the Honda's. I am told they might be Cobra?? I ordered these...
  5. Ultimate Seat Big Boy Complete Set with Sissy Bar and Arm Rests

    1800 Classifieds-For Sale Only
    The seats have a new owner. I will update if deals falls through. Thank you all for your interest. :D I am selling my Ultimate Seats Big Boy Seats. VTX-1800R Price includes Big Boy Driver Seat with backrest, Passenger Seat with back rest, Sissy Bars, and Arm Rests, Also the Tank Bra is...
  6. New Big Boy from Ultimate Seats

    General MC Message Board
    Road trip to Chicago and new Big Boy Going on a trip (see details below) tomorrow, and ordered an Ultimate Seats Big Boy for my '03 VTX1800C. Arrived today; only rode a few miles so far, but I'm already in love. The trial will come starting tomorrow. My factory seat made life uncomfortable...
  7. New seat and sissy bar

    Maintenance & Accessory Log
    So I bought my first VTX about two weeks ago (1800R) and I'm looking to add an Ultimate Big Boy 4 piece seat and a Kuryakyn standard 15" sissy bar. Has anyone out there ever used or seen this combination and if so what were your thoughts about it as far as fit and sturdiness of the sissy bar...
  8. 2006 VTX 1300C F/S Extras in San Marcos, TX

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    SOLD ON MAY 6 Selling my VTX 1300C to make room for a new Goldwing. It's got 18K miles and was maintained under a pre-paid maintenance program by Alamo Cycles. Last major service was 16,500 in March 2011. I have all the service records, etc.. I've tried to turn this into a...