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  1. Vibration problem

    VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Hi all, It's been a while since I've been on, but still enjoying riding my X! I've been having a vibration problem that seems to be getting worst. When I ride at a stable 30-35 mph (50-60 kph, I'm in Canada so it's metric) I get a bad vibration. It started out quite smaller last summer...
  2. Mirrors

    VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Please help. My 05 1300 mirrors vibrate at certain rmp and speeds. More sometimes than others. I have some real nice billet aluminum mirrors but they vibrate excessively. I have a set of stock mirrors but they are old and move around with the wind. I am looking for some good mirrors that...
  3. 1300 C Vibration

    VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Haven't ridden for several years, but just took my 2007 1300C out for a ride. The first thing I noticed was the vibration that it has when I excellerate. Compared to the old 1100 Interstate, it is really noticeable. I have done a bit of research and most of what I have found indicates that...