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Ok experts, per your advice, I have been educating myself on cruisers of various makes and models and I believe I am definately leaning towards a VTX1300. It looks like I can customize for comfort and looks. I would of course like to get as good a deal as possible, and I dont mind used if the bike has been well taken care of and not worn out. This brings me to my question, is there any particular year model since 03 I should stay away from because of manufacturing problems that are difficult or expensive to have repaired? Or is there a particular model that is difficult or expensive to maintain?

Thanks for your input!

Because the initial 1300 design came from the FI 1800, the early '03 had an unnecessary fuel pump that a handful of folks experienced problems with. The pump was discontinued by mid-year in favor of the current gravity feed which is more than adequate. Mechanically, that was the only difference from '03~'05. The only other differences are the color options that varied from year to year and the retro gained a cast wheel option for '05.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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