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A PDF for cleaning/lube early 1800 with 3 wire flasher and 1300 with 2 wire flasher, both had dual filament bulbs in front for Run/TS.

2nd Gen 1800 has an Electronic flasher with a single filament bulb with dual mode Run/TS in the front bulbs.
If you examine the T/S switch and the rear TS bulbs it looks similar to the conventional TS of the 1st Gen.
I believe some have had issues with "Switchback" leds on the 2nd Gen Front lights, using the TS switch and rear TS bulbs
and a 2 wire flasher and wiring to the two front TS may make it possible to use switchbacks.
I do not have any proof of concept nor do I have a late model 1800.
For small skinny male connector pins I tin a piece of wire with solder and flatten it some with pliers...
That is how my connections to the Optional Fog light connector are made.


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