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Warning!! Potential for dangerous oil leak!!

If you work on your airbox or even in that area...please be sure that you have not pinched the crankcase breather tube. This will cause you to build up pressure un the crankcase and your shift seal will blow. This will spill oil in line with your rear wheel...potentially causing you to loose traction and crash.

The crankcase breather is the smaller of the two hoses connected to the back of the stock airbox. It can be easily seen from the left side of the bike, between the jugs. Check to see that it runs smoothly to the back of the airbox.
Alternately, you may remove the dipstick and blow into the breather tube with a hose or straw. Feel for a rush of air at the dipstick and you'll know the tube is not pinched. The breather tube is attached to nipple "A" in the stock airbox.

Here is a fix posted by Thin Man. You still want to be sure the hose is not kinked behind the stint:

My bike had been leaving a couple of drops of oil on the garage floor after trips out of town. You got me thinking with that total oil loss at highway speed. Checked it out today and mine was also kinked.

The culprit was a hose clamp. It's my favorite type of clamp, but this time the excess caused a problem. The excess was hooking into the hose when the air cleaner housing was pushed back into place. This put a fold in the hose.

I bent the excess clamp end out of the way and pushed a 2 inch long piece of 5/16th diameter brass tubing up the kinked hose to keep it open.

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oil leak

had this seal go out on me wed night did not notice it till i stop at a gas station waiting on a friend .when he got there he said i dont think we are going any where there is oil under the bike .and it was still leaking .the day before i had removed the air box .sure enought i kinked the hose that cause it .replaced it with 5/16s fuel line . the hose is thicker and would not kink as easy .the tire had oil on the left side of tire and did feel a wobble at about 85 . but i feel lucky i did not crash first of all thanks for that .2nd did not burn motor up .
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