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1800, Frame holes near top of radiator?

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I recently purchased a '02 VTX 1800R. It came with what I think is a Lindby Unibar engine guard.
The single bolt that holds the top of the radiator and the top of the Unibar to the frame is broken off flush in the frame.
At first I thought it was just missing, but on further inspection I found that it is broken off.
I haven't had the time to remove the engine guard and try to address the broken bolt yet, but I did notice what looks like two other holes in the frame gusset plate, one on either side of the radiator bolt.
Does anyone know if they are through bolts?
Is there room to get a nut in behind them?
I was hoping to improve the top mount on this engine guard.

Any help is much appreciated.
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Here is an image that shows some data.
Might be of help.

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Thanks for the IPB.
I have seen that image and looked for one of the front of the frame below the neck and haven't found a good one.
IDK, but maybe, due to space limitations, a 90* drill chuck would help as far as drilling the broken bolt. Not a fan of the Linby bars as far as actually saving the rider or the bike in a layover situation.
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I think any of the engine bars are mainly for low speed tip overs. Mostly to save the paint and shiny bits.
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You can add your own threads if they're not already. My bolt was also broken
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