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has anyone installed a retro fear fender on a c model?-i was thinking that i would like to shorten my rear fender on 2002 1800c but noticed how a retro fender has a rounder profile and might be more attractive when cut off near the taillight area.How differnt are the mounting points?

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If you do a search for "fender" or "fenders" with my name as the author,
you will get a lot of hits about how to install a Retro fender on a C model bike.

But for your purposes, honestly, it is not worth the effort to do right.

The Retro fender arches up higher than the C model fender.

If you change over to a Retro fender, you will want to change
the inner fender support( sometimes called sub-frame),
the seat, and the chrome fender struts,
which some of us call the grab rails.

Reason is that the Retro seat is longer than the C model seat,
and the Retro struts are longer than the C model struts.
One bolt in the C model struts is mispositioned for use
with the Retro fender, so you would need to drill holes in the fender
if you wanted to keep the C model seat, inner fender support,
and if your struts are going to be exposed all the time
(as opposed to covered up by saddlebags) then you would really
want the longer Retro model struts, which require the Retro
subframe and the Retro seat (or an aftermarket seat made for
a Retro instead of a C model).

The Retro taillight is positioned further down than the C model
taillight. Also, both fenders are indented to accept only
their own taillight, and I'm sure you know that the C model taillight
is shorter than the Retro taillight.

If you don't love the Retro taillight just the way it is, then there is no
point in going to the effort to install one.

If I were you, I would look into purchasing an aftermarket
fiberglas fender from

They have lots of choices in fender styles and they cost less than
a new Honda fender.
On the other hand, maybe you could catch a deal on E-bay for
a used fender with seat and inner support and chrome rails.

But for what you intend to do, the least expensive choice is to
cut the C model fender.

Good luck with your project.

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