Price for ea. includes shipping, unless more than $50 to wherever. USPS money order or after personal check clears, I will then ship. No Paypal, Venmo, bitcoin, any modern crap. My original, undamaged but a couple blemishes after 18 yrs. The other, was a mint condition with a rear fender deal I found a couple years ago. I put it on last summer, and in Sept., a 4x4 in a parking lot, put an egg-shaped dimple in it. The kid's insurance paid for a brand new one that I now have on. I decided to get the dimple dollied out and repaint the fender professionally. I just got it back. Either is available for $200. The brand new one I found was just under $800, and they are no longer available through Honda. I don't have pix, but I do have a long reputation as a member of this site, and that should suffice. Many know me. I can be reached here through 'private conversation' or email [email protected]