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Although manufactured starting in 2001, they were designated 2002 models. I have an early one at number 487. I'm thinking it was built in April or May of 2001.


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woot, hi, mine has a manufacture date 05/01 but title is a 2002 where did you get the number? tom

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It's part of your VIN number. Manufacturing started in 01' as 2002 models. Same thing auto makers do. Cars come out in Aug/Sept 08 as 2009 models.

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Here's a way to read the VIN

Deciphering the VIN# on the VTX
Original info from Biglry - taken from the VTX parts catalog

We'll use the VIN # from my 2002 1800 C

The first three digits are the world manufacturer identifier (WMI). This tells the make and type of vehicle
Mine is 1HF

JH2 = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured In Japan)
1HF = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in USA)
YC1 = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Belgium)
9C2 = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Brazil)
3H1 = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Mexico)
VTM = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Spain)
ZDC = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Italy)
JH3 = Honda all terrain vehicle (Manufactured in Japan)
478 = Honda all terrain vehicle (Manufactured in USA)

The next five digits are the Vehicle Description Code (VDS)
Mine is SC460

SC461 = VTX1800 CA
SC460 = VTX1800 49st

The next single digit is the check digit. This code is used to detect errors in the VIN and consists of a single-digit number or a letter (except I, O, Q, and U)
Mine is 4

The next number is the model year
Mine is 2

B = 1981
C = 1982
D = 1983
Y = 2000
1 = 2001
2 = 2002

The next letter/number tells the plant the bike was built in
Mine is A

A = Ohio factory in USA
B = Aalst factory in Belgium
C = Saitama factory in Japan
D = Guadalajara factory in Mexico
E = Montesa factory in Spain
F = Atessa factory in Italy
K = Kumamoto factory in Japan
M = Hamamatsu factory in Japan
R = Manaus factory in Brazil
S = Suzuka factory in Japan
T = Tochigi factory in Japan
4 = South Carolina factory in USA

The last six digits are the sequential production numbers, also known as the Vehicle Indicator Section (VIS)
Mine is 006692 so I know based on my VIN# that it was the 6,692nd bike made at the Ohio plant in 2002

Any change or modification of parts is directly related to the VDS and VIS.
a VIS number will appear in the "Serial #" column of the parts catalog if a part is changed or modified.
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