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2005 vtx 1300c MTCE LOG

Purchased 6/8/2005
A day or two later I checked the oil, it was a quart or so low. I added oil and let the dealer know that the person that prepped it made a mistake, probably checked
oil with the stick screwed in. I have done ALL the maintenance to the VTX since purchased.

300 miles 6/11/2005 I had my first nail in the tire. I bought a new tire, brought wheel/tire in. Dealer gave me a discount on tire and labor. BUT the tire was a
D404, not the K555 and it was smaller diameter. It did not last long either. OE tire lived again later. (d404 300-7669=7369 miles)

925 6/16/05 First oil and filter change Honda GN 10-40, OEM filter
1529 6/24/05 First valve adjustment--several tight valves
4137 8/03/05 2nd oil/filter change, Rotella T 15-40, ST6607
----- 7/23/05 Luggage rack,backrest/pad, Mustang seat purchased $666.71 (self install)
7669 10/10/05 Installed Dunlop K555 rear tire (to 18,830=11,161 miles)
7710 10/12/05 3rd oil/filter change, Pennzoil 10-40,
----- 11/29/05 HK 2.5" straights ordered, delivered & installed 12/2/05 in time for 12/3/05 toy ride

11,442 1/25/06 4th oil/filter chg, Chevron Delo 400, SL14612 (Purolator-Sears bulk)
12,062 2/20/06 Adjust valves, exh was .001 tight, in=ok
-------- 3/31/06 Memphis Shades 17in/9in cutout purchased
17,171 5/3/06 5th oil chg, Rotella T Syn, SL14612
18,830 6/2/06 Avon AM41 110/90-19 (to 36,118=17,288 miles) & AM42 170/80-15(to 30,335=11,505 miles)
19,850 6/15/06 6th oil chg, Rotella T 15-40, SL14612, final drive oil + blob of moly paste
23,922 7/26/06 7th oil chg, Rotella T 15-40, SL14612, check/adjust valves
23,959 7/27/06 Replace stem bearings to taper roller bearings(All-Balls) (AVON tire was the problem)
27,865 9/22/06 Replaced Rear brake pads--OEM
28,748 9/30/06 8th oil chg, Rotella T Syn 5-40, Puro PL14612
30,355 10/27/06 Original Dunlop K555 rear tire installed with a tube(good for 9,299 miles)
32,202 12/18/06 9th oil chg, NAPA Syn 15-50(Valvoline), NAPA fil 1365 (part time empl)

36,118 4/20/07 Pirelli 110/90-19 installed, (to 53,753=17,635 miles) steering shake gone
37,102 4/29/07 10th oil chg, napa syn 15-50, Puro PL14610(long)
39,323 5/26/07 Pirelli mt66 rear tire installed, (to 52,542=13,219 miles)
42,962 6/28/07 11th oil chg, napa syn 15-50, PL14612
46,393 8/24/07 12th oil chg, napa syn 15-50, Puro L14612(standard not high efficiency)
48,xxx 10/13/07 OEM battery died. Batteries Plus cyla14bs installed(it died 3/22/09)
>>>>>weak OEM battery used to crank one cylinder 14 hp mower for next 3 years.
50,660 11/20/07 13th oil chg, napa syn 15-50, PL14612

52,542 2/13/08 Repl coolant Honda LL5Y/60K miles, repl OE sparkplugs, adj valves(exh .001 tight) Pirelli MT66 rear installed(to 67,054=14,512 miles)
53,753 4/01/08 Pirelli 110/90-19 installed, (to 74,863=21,110 miles)
55,032 4/26/08 14th oil chg, Castrol gtx 10-40, PL14612
55,369 5/06/08 Replaced air filter
56,536 5/27/08 Brake pads replaced frt (1st time), Rear 2nd time, bled front & back.
59,317 6/24/08 15th oil chg, Castrol gtx 10-40 (smooth shifting comment-previous oil)
64,919 9/06/08 16th oil chg, Valvoline 10-40, PL14612, new oil drain plug washers
>>>9/15/08 started a full time job on fiber cable project GA-AL-MS, some weekends off

67,054 1/31/09 Michelin Commander rear tire installed (to 77,674=10,620 miles)
68,6xx 3/22/09 Batteries+ cyla14bs died (17 months, 9 days 20 to 21k miles)
68,738 3/23/09 DEKA ETX14 installed. Huge battery posts--had to flatten lug.
68,906 4/30/09 17th oil chg, Valvoline 10-40, PL14612
74,863 7/30/09 Dunlop D404 Frt tire installed 110/90-19
75,302 8/02/09 18th oil chg, 2-napa syn 15-50 + 2-castrol 10-40, Puro L14612
77,674 10/27/09 Installed Metz me880 rear (to 93,750) 16,076 miles--EX mileage winner!
>>> 12/15/2009 fiber cable project over for me--retired again!

79,941 3/24/10 19th oil chg, Delo 400 15-40, L14612
80k+ miles Apri l2010 Neutral switch intermittent.. Filed and sanded thick copper sealing washer--fixed problem..(still good at 166K miles/Aug2015)
84,090 5/04/10 20th oil chg, Rotella T6 5-40, L14610(long)
85,xxx Clutch cable replaced-not returning to normal position, some strands are broken.
90,758 7/04/10 21st oil chg, Mobil Delvac 15-40, L14612
91,xxx 7/6/10 Rear pads ordered---reused old ones for another month
91,623 7/16/10 Pirelli MT66 frt tire 110/90-19 installed
92,412 7/28/10 chg final drive oil, Valvoline 80-90 GL5 + a dab of moly paste*
93,210 8/07/10 repl slide valve diaphragm, adj valves- rear exh .001 tight
93,750 8/19/10 Installed Pirelli MT66 rear tire (to 106,189 = 12,439 miles), repl Rear brake pads--OEM
96,907 9/23/10 22nd oil chg, Rotella 15-40, PL14612
prostate cancer radiation treatments Sept-Oct, pre-dawn stars & early AM sunrise)
102,211 12/29/10 23rd oil chg, Rotella T6 5-40, Puro L14612 (33 x 50 miles =1650 miles

continued - next post...
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104,942 4/13/11 24th oil chg, Castrol 10-40, PL14612, stator & R/R replaced,
Product # 21-137 stator, FH012AA Mosfet R/R
106,189 5/20/11 Metz me880 rear tire installed (to 118,679=12,490 miles)
108,104 6/17/11 Metzler me880 frt tire 110/90-19 installed, steering shake in fall of 2011
108,558 6/28/11 25th oil chg, Mobil Delvac 15-40, PL14612 filter
109,425 July 2011 2nd set of Sparkplugs inspected, gapped. Look good for 50k plus miles
113,720 9/06/11 26th oil chg, Mobil Delvac 15-40, L14612 filter
114,193 9/19/2011 FIRST Fork oil change. Abt 12oz came out of each, stinks like something dead. Flushed with diesel twice then with ATF.
16oz of Dexron III in each. No wear marks on upper tubes.
This should be on the maintenance list---HONDA

A VTX on Dragon's Tail>>

118,139 03Jan2012 first fill up...
118,331 1/7/2012 27th oil chg, Rotella T6 5-40, napa 21358 oil filter(was given to me)
118,679 1/27/12 Installed Avon AV338 rear tire
120,212 3/14/2012 2nd set Sparkplugs removed(what-not platinum plugs) new plugs installed 3rd set--standard NGK
122,657 4/26/2012 28th oil chg, Mobil Delvac 15-40, L14612 filter, final drive oil replaced*
*****Final drive oil added with VTX vertical, 5 - 6 ounces, none has escaped.
124,319 5/25/12 Rear pads replaced--OEM
127,190 8/20/2012 inspected rear wheel dampers--look good. I will ignore squish noises.
Check drive flange bearings, look good--put it on a finger and put a spin on it, got several revolutions out of it, quiet, smooth, both shields are on.
127,436 8/25/2012 29th oil chg, Delo 400 15-40, Purolator L14612
128,140 9/8/2012 Replaced frt tire, Metzler me880 off, Pirelli MT66 on, self install/tire mounting, front bearings feel good, brake pads have another 10k miles, 20,126 miles on the Metz, lets see if steering shake goes away. Balanced via old method, spin wheel see where it stops. It did tend to favor one place, taped on two small steel weights, thereafter it was random. Removed one weight and it went back to the heavy side. Put the other weight back on!!! 8th front tire on now...
128,606 9/14/2012--UPDATE::: New front tire is great. No shakes nor shimmies. Steering effort required for turns on north Georgia mountain roads is less. One up riding is fun in the mountains....
>>Oct 8 to 15, 2012 Ride to Texas: GAS:: $268.08 75.101 gallons 29 Fuel stops, 3200 miles round trip.
133,575 10/22/2012 30th oil change.. Delo 400le, 15-40, L14612, emptied breather sump, the cap was full, mainly water. Recovered oil = about 1/2" lower than full point on gal jug.
135,001 31Dec2012 16,862 miles for 2012 01Jan2013 = Rain on the first...
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Bro n law called today, his 1800F is not cranking.
I had him short battery--starter motor cable = cranks.
Told him to clean starter switch--gave him the links.
I decided to look and clean mine for the first time ever at 129,578 miles.
My switch was in very good shape. I added a HL relay about two years ago. electrical/StarterSw8727.jpg

Bro n law cleaned his starter switch---no crank---went golfing.
Opened the starter switch again--copper slider not moving, melted into plastic. Bro n law got it loose, --not sure of the spring tension--but it is cranking and he has headlights.

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135,898 25Feb 2013 Replaced coolant, added Prestone 5 year/150,000 mile concentrate mixed with distilled water.. Checked/adj valves: tightened up all three Frt cyl valves; rear were all good. The front IN were .007 and a hair, EXH was .013 and a hair. I almost left them alone... 32,688 miles since previous check/adjust.. Removed final drive, greased drive shaft splines(moly paste).. Cleaned/lubed clutch cable. I can see light through the air filter. May just keep VTX up in the air and replace the rear tire... Installed Pirelli MT66 (to 148814 = 12,916 miles)has replaced the Avon which set a new mileage record at 17,219 miles. 12th rear tire installed...
3/3/2013 Yaesu posted about adding extra leds for brake lights. I already have about 52 regular leds at 20ma (stop) and probably 10ma for run. I had four high power leds @ 70ma
(2006 high tech then) so I added them for brake function only. Two on each side below the reflector. I may some day rehash the older regular leds, I was too conservative. I had one up to 60ma and it did not die. 30 - 40ma would be resonable for the regular leds and a decent increase in light intensity. If the cold weather and rain continue I may get a chance to upgrade them.

137,072 4Apr2013 replaced air filter. I can faintly see light through the old filter. It has been some time since replaced. I looked at the OE and they looked like my son's K&N so I cleaned it with purple cleaner and water pressure. After it dried I oiled it with K&N oil and used it for many miles.

137,731 23Apr2013 Replaced front brake pads and fluid. Clip of sheetmetal for anti-squeal pad started rubbing on rotor today. Pad friction material worn to wear indicator groove...OEM pads replaced at 56,536 miles---replaced very early, went back on again in 2011 or 2012... OEM and first replacement did 137,731 miles.... 68k miles average...

137,783 24apr2013 31st oil/filter change
. Delvac1300 15-40, L14612 filter, I could not find new 12mm aluminum oil drain washers at TWO auto parts places. Old ones look great!
Drain/fill final drive 5oz PZ80-90 GL5 with a dab ofMoly60. Magnet was very clean. WW hid the Delo 400 at the RV area, too late I already had Delvac. I think the Delo400 makes the gear shift easier.

137,870 25Apr2013 2nd fork oil change! Abt 15 oz out + what came out with the spring.
Smelled like ATF.. Flushed with diesel, then with Dexron III. Poured in about 16oz Dexron VI, had to remove a slight amount for the 5" rule. NO wear marks on upper tubes. I wipe them clear everytime I clean the windshield, mirror and lights.

138,1xx 8may2013 Lubed kickstand with cable lube, then brushed in some moly paste. Lubed clutch cable and pivot, later saw lube had dripped on toe shift rubber. Wiped that then lubed shifter pivot bolt---with moly paste...Should be good for 5y/50k miles!!

141,242 19July2013 32nd oil/filter change. Reused drain washers--they look great!
Delo 400LE 15-40 and L14612 filter. I used two wooden blocks under the peg mounts to hold the VTX upright for two hours (draining oil) while doing my weekly home cleaning chores.

141,644 3AUG2013 My battery has been getting weaker. This morning after a 10 minute stop it would not crank. Engine stalled on crank twice, then rolled over, finally a delayed start. I had put the maintainer on a few times in the last 5 months so waiting on a summer sale that did not happen. The old battery connections were tight!!!! The new battery bolts do NOT have inside tooth washers like the old one did. I was going to use the old ones but the cable kept moving when tightening it. So I used the new bolts with a captive flat washer and
NO movement of the cable lug when tightening it.
>>>Movement of the cable is the major reason connections get loose, the cable is trying to go back to the original location.<<<
72,906 miles on the 1st DEKA battery, about 10 days, 4 months, 4 years in service.

142,539 5sept2013 removed Pirelli MT66 FRT (with 14,399 miles) (was worst ever front tire mileage) installed a Kenda Kruz K673 110/90-19 Seems to be stiff tire! Kenda--new low mileage leader.(6796 miles on a FRONT tire=POS)

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Wow, what a list. Thx for your inbox

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Some VTX headlight + led comparisons
WallyWorld Halogen Aux 55w halogen to 4watt led bulb conversion and four - three watt leds.
The 4 - 3w leds are .006 ma on low and .5 amp on high(triggered by headlight high beam)
The led bulbs draw about .1 amp low and about .5 amp each on High(low-off-hi)

NOV 22,2013 Abt 146,195 miles, found the HL voltage was 3 volts less than the battery voltage. 4/10 volt drop on +12v line(not bad), 6/10 volt drop on the negative line and 2 volts drop on the Hi/Lo switch wiring. Switch contacts are visible, all looks good, WD-40 sprayed into the switch. Just puny size wire in use. SO--new relays and wiring. ON/Off relay, Hi/Lo relay, OE HL connector goes to relays, new HL socket delivers +12v from the relay via 4 feet of 16ga cable. Relays under the seat. My original plan was to put the relays in the HL bucket. One will fit, not two plus the OE HL conn to new plug. Headlight is brighter! Voltages not checked.
I used the Yotaman wiring diagram for my HL relays.

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2100 EST, 31Dec2013 the year is almost over. Begin at 135,001, end at 146,700 = 11,699 miles.
Many rain days in 2013. Will try to do better in 2014...

148,003 miles, 4April2014, 33rd OIL chg.. 3qts Chevron Delo 400le Syn 5-40, 1qt Mobil Delvac 15-40, Purolator L1412,
oil drain bolts torqued to 20ft-lbs.
***The previous oil was great. When the engine oil gets old I notice more effort required to shift.
I added 6oz of STP to this new oil to make it slick shifting>oops>to much free play clutch--adj....
I picked the 5-40 in error, I normally use 15-40****
Rear pads getting thin, so is the disk.
About 5.03mm per conversion. Disk, bolts, pads, piston seal kit ordered.
4-3watt leds low intensity increased from .006amp to .015amp. Whiter now!
Found the left most led was shining over to the right--far right----adjusted.
10 degree beam pattern led lens...

148,814 miles, 16April2014 13th rear tire, brake disk, caliper piston seals.
Installed Kenda K673 170/80-15 DOT k3xd 1913
It's about 25.5" dia, (note to self, get 26"dia tires")
Tire mounted on wheel at Randy's Hobby Shop, McDonough,GA
They have a Csr that runs nothing but these on a GL1500.
Cleaned up the rear wheel, some polish and wax.
Inspected the flange bearings, wheel bearings and drive rubbers.
Bearings look and feel good on the finger test, both seals on the bearings, turn smoothly.
New rear brake rotor installed.
New rotor-wheel bolts, 31 ft-lbs torque.
New rear caliper piston seals installed.
Both square cut seals, the dust seal has two lips.
New rear pads.
Bled the rear, it took a few minutes, plenty air in the system.
I took a 20 mile ride, the rear rotor was about the same temp as the front.
The OEM setup the rear rotor was always hotter from more friction of the pads rubbing.
I should have changed out the caliper piston seals many years ago.
Old Pirelli MT66 rear was good for 12,916 miles.

149,335 miles 4/29/2014 10th Front tire - Pirelli MT66 replaced Kenda(6796miles=not good).
Kenda may have had another 1k miles but it was cupped and near the TWI.
Front bearings still good...When I was tightening the axle bolt the axle turned some, looked
like the left fork was moving to find its natural place. Axle bolt tight..
I did the fork bounce a few times but no further change of the axle groove to the left fork....
Tightened up axle bolt and pinch bolts...
Verified with a torque wrench.... Maybe a little over tightened...
4/30/2014 Removed air filter--I can see light, has about 12k miles on it.
Used 115 PSI air on the carb side to remove whatever would let go.
Drained engine vent sump--cap was full - OIL only...
WHY--no moisture. Parked in the garage and when it runs usually 30+ miles on the ride.
149,384 5/1/2014 8oz Chevron Techron injector cleaner, Replaced final drive oil Castrol 80-90 + Moly
VTX vertical , filled until it ran out. 4+oz old oil recycled.

153,432 miles; 6/30/2014 A bath and fresh blood for the old girl.
Too many scattered showers and wet roads in the last few few days.
After the wash I took her for a ride to warm up the oil, she ran strong.
Minus a windshield I was impressed by the performance.
34th oil change, Chevron Delo 400le and Purolator L14612.
A long shot of cable lube into the upper end of the clutch cable.
Smooth and complete retraction of the cable. Free play adjusted.

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May 7, 2014 just completed the "Cherohala Skyway" headed to The Dragon, on US 129 near Santeetlah Rd my VTX hit 150K miles. Two Dad's and their sons riding together. Highest point in GA, highest point in TN and highest point on the BRP were on my route. Many great miles and smiles! May 13, 2014 I fabricated a "VTX" from 28 leds. Night light or run/brake light? May 14 installed the "VTX" leds on the VTX...... July 21,2014 abt 154,500 shifting requiring more effort.. Rod ends look good, Moly paste rubbed on pivot point. Shifting better. I thought the moly paste would do better than 16k miles and 14 months since last lube. .

FRONT Tire spread sheet
Start End Mileage Brand Model FRONT
00000 18,830 -18,830 Dun OEM 6/8/05 - 6/2/06
18,830 36,118 -17,288 Avon am41 6/2/06 - 4/20/07weird near wobble-chgd stem bearings-left when tire repl
36,118 53,753 -17,635 Pir mt66 4/20/07-4/1/08
53,753 74,863 -21,110 Pir mt66 4/1/08-7/30-09
74,863 91,623 -16,760 Dun d404 7/30/09-7/16/10
91,623 108,104 -16,481 Pir mt66 7/16/10-6/17/11
108,104 128,140 -20,036 Metz me880 6/17/11-9/8/12 Wobble crap until it was replaced
128,140 142,539 -14,399 Pir mt66 9/8/12-9/5/13
142,539 149,335 -6,796 Kenda Kruz POS k673 9/5/13 - 4/29/14
149,335 165,511 -16,176 Pirelli MT66 4/29/14 - 7/30/15
165,511 Pirelli MT66 7/30/15 -

Rear tire spread sheet::
Start End Mileage Brand Model REAR
0000 00300 00300 Dun Oem k555 6/8/05-6/11/05 Nail, tubed later
00300 7,669 -7,369 Dun POS D404 6/11/05-10/10/05
7,669 18,830 -11,161 Dun K555 10/10/05-6/2/06
18,830 30,355 -11,525 Avon am42 6/2/06-10/27/06
30,355 39,323 -8,968 Dun Oem K555 10/27/06-5/26/07 OEM with a tube 8968 + 300=9268 miles
39,323 52,542 -13,219 Pir MT66 5/26/07-2/14/08
52,542 67,054 -14,512 PIR MT66 2/14/08-1/31/09
67,054 77,674 -10,620 Mich Comm1 1/31-09-10/27/09
77,674 93,750 -16,076 Metz me880 10/27/09-8/19/10
93,750 106,189 -12,439 Pir mt66 8/19/10-5/20/11
106,189 118,679 -12,490 Metz me880 5/20/11-1/26/12
118,679 135,898 -17,219 AVON 83H AV338 1/27/12-2/25/13 Mileage WINNER
135,898 148,814 -12,916 Pir MT66 2/25/13-4/14/14
148,814 160,117 -11,303 Kenda Kruz K673 4/16/14-1/21/15
160,117 AVON AV338 1-21-2015 83H

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Avon av-338 170/80-15 ordered from DLP. 10%off Columbus day sale Abt $143 total.
158,053 miles; 10-10-2014; 35th oil change; Mobil Delvac 15-40, Purolator L14612,
drained vent sump.

10/20/14 Left middle grab rail/fender bolt loose again. It backed out some last year.
I put some medium strength thread locker on it. I also removed the helmet lock.
It was loose for some time, I am not sure I heard it. Maybe what my wife has been hearing.

30Dec2014, removed 5watt leds--the beam pattern was too wide.
10 degree lens does NOT work with large led emitter.
Removed two 5w and installed four 3w leds.
5watt leds:: 13' distance = 6' dia circle. Excessive down tilt to prevent blinding drivers.
3watt leds:: 13' distance = 2' dia circle. Set top of bright spot at or below low beam top at 7' distance.
38°F, its dark, 15 mile ride to enjoy the led aux lights, take pix.. Completed 2113 EST.

EOY = 159,866 - 146,700 = 13,166 miles in 2014

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Begin 2015 @ 159,866 miles. (CR)
160,117 miles, 1-21-2015 New rear tire--Avon Venom AM42 2844512 83H (re-inforced)
(CR-edit) HTML coding changed... (CR)(new line below hopefully)
My text table for front tire mileage-- Everything runs together..
Looks like things are better.. I changed the "VTXOA Message editor setting"

161,356 28 March 2015 replaced 1st replacement clutch cable 85k - 161k = 76k miles.
New cable had moly grease applied to exposed cable at the lower end, worked in, then a
split hose was taped on and gear oil and ATF were added about 8 times. Clutch cable
allowed to hang "lower end up" for 24 hours. A slight asmount dripped on the floor.
A minor adjustment made to bottom bracket.
Moly paste+oil applied to lever end cable and ball pivot, lever pivot bushing pulled out, cleaned
and moly+oil added.

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See Me??? Two 4watt led bulbs @30 degree beam(shotgun); eight 3watt component leds with 10 degree lens. vs High HL-Leds.jpg
Bye--the rear view of a few leds added to my X
162,735 miles; 26may2015
I decided to look into the oil seepage from the head to the fins and to the case above the transmission.
Some of the cam plugs had a slight bit of dirt around them as did a few rocker arm shaft ends.
The major seepage seemed to be from the exhaust valve tappet adj hole. The o-ring face was flat,
no compression when the plug was re-installed. A good cleaning took place while the rain was falling
(leftover stuff from Texas 2 days earlier).
I then put some Permatex gasket maker #82194 around the cam plugs and the rocker arm shafts.
27may2015 - I looked at o-rings at Partzilla; $2.40 list, $2.02 each for 35x3mm o-rings.
A ride to ACE and they had some at $1.15 each.
I replaced them both a few minutes after I got home(hot engine).
New O-ring had good compression before the plug bottomed out(with light force).
163,777 8June2015 36th Oil change. Mobil Delvac 15-40, Purolator L14612.
About 3.75 qts old oil from engine and filter. (5,724 miles) oil chg 163777 miles 8june2015.jpg
Less than half a cap liquid from vent sump(about 7 drops)
B trip: 800.4 miles since 6/6/2015 evening to meet my friends in AL and ride GA 60, GA 180,
GA348, Helen, GA17/75, US 76, US 129(GA), GA 75A, GA 356, GA 197, US76, Clayton then
head to the house.
A trip: 165.1 bought fuel this morning(6/8/15) to escort my guests on their way.
I visited Rosehill Cemetery to visit the grave of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley.
Going to check carb boots, manifold base to head. Front cyl exhaust is lighter than rear cyl exhaust.
6/9/2015 Carb boots, manifold base looks OK, impossible to see 360* but close.
170 VTX miles at fuel fill with 3.72 gallons = 45.7 MPG uncorrected.
165,511 7/30/2015 11th front tire installed. Pirelli MT66 replaced a Pirelli MT66. 16,176 miles.
OEM Wheel bearings feel good.. I removed old grease from seals and spacers.
New wheel bearing grease placed on seals, spacers, axle. Wheel rolled into place,
axle pushed into place. Installed right side bolt, axle started to spin, I gave it a few more turns,
tightened left pinch bolts until torque held axle. Axle groove lines up nicely--almost out of sight
on the outside of the fork tube bore at the axle. That is where it floats to.
Removed all pinch bolts and gave them a drop of medium strength thread locker.
I went for a 30 mile ride..
August 2015-- high beam filament burned out. A first... Must be the higher voltage since rewired and added relays.
10Nov2015 H4 Led bulb added...It is white. $25 total. Beam pattern is screwy. Going to have to adjust up and to the right..
High Beam led is on the same side as the low beam, it bumps up the light some. Having an led emitter on the opposite side would
use the other half of the reflector like a halogen high beam does(360°)
11/11/2015 adjusted again high and right and now I can see. stuff/Halogen Hi - Lo beams.jpg stuff/H4 led Hi-Lo beams.jpg stuff/H4 led Hi-Lo 11nov2015.jpg
169,416 VTX miles, 07Dec2015 37th oil change. Mobil Delvac 15-40, Purolator PL14612 filled with oil before installation.
Engine vent sump was dry, brake pads good front and rear.

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6/2/2016 172,463 miles After checking sparkplugs and adding freon to PU I checked VTX sparkplugs.
Plugs look good, gap at .036", reset to .031" gap. I could see sun light through the air filter, 80 psi to clean it out some.
Deep sparkplugs--I use a noose around the boot to pull those suckers out. Round shoe string Hang man....
I ordered a new tire, ME888 170/80-15.....
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14th rear tire removed 6/14/2016
160,117 to 173,059 = 12,942 5th place for mileage
15th tire Metz ME888
Installer said bearings feel notchy... The wheel is on the spin balancer, driven to the brake disk from what I can see and the mandrel is tightened up against the bearings. I removed the drive flange to test each set independently..
>Right side collar left at home< Was it a valid test???
Feels great with the finger test..
I have the all ballz ready to go...Not this minute though..
Rear brake pads had to be separated with a flat screwdriver to get over the disc...It did not feel right possibly cocked, so I removed the caliper from the bracket, cleaned piston, compressed piston with a c-clamp. Silicone grease at touch points. Reassembled... Another test ride, lower disc temp this time around.
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173,059 6/14/16 Metzler ME888 At decel an interesting feeling/resonance between 27-32 MPH..
Now paying more attention to it, I can feel it on acceleration also.
Normally this narrow band is passed so fast it is not noticeable.
175,428 8/17/2016 38th oil/filter change. Mobil Delvac 15-40, Purolator L14612 new RED color can--prefilled.
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5th battery installed. Back to YUASA. My 2nd Deka had a few weak moments over the short time I had it.
178,645 2/9/2017 my 4th battery(2nd DEKA) died.
178,645 2/15/2017 YUASA YTX14H-BS installed. 240CCA

#1 OEM YUASA 49,000 miles; 2Y 5M
#2 Batteries Plus 20,738 miles; 1Y 5M
#3 Deka 71,906 miles; 4Y 4M
#4 Deka 37,001 miles; 3Y 6M
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A few mtce items to list.
179,444 miles 4/18/2017 Remove shifter pedal and lever on shifter shaft. Clean and lube pedal pivot and rod ends.
179,619 4/27/2017 12th FRT tire 110/90-19 Shinko TourMaster installed. People seem to likethem. Same price as Pirelli.
180,596 5/16/2017 39th oil change. 3 qts Rotella T6 5-40, 1 qt Castrol V-Twin 4T 20-50, Purolator L14612 oil
filter. My son left the 20-50 here so will mix it in.. 3.75 qts of used oil returned to jug. Checked crankcase
vent sump = dry. Removed air filter, barely a trace of oil film in the air box. Air filter passes sunlight!
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