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After much pain and no info I wanted to post this information about the 2007 1300 Retro models and the difference between the location of the inside fender nuts. It appears Honda has made a small change between 06-07 models making the inside nuts 1/2 - 3/4 inches further in on the 07 model. I have seen similar problems from other 2007 VTX owners. I had this problem with a bestem backrest and Easy Brackets. While I would never purchase a bestem backrest again from cruiserbackrest (quality, customer service), Dave from greatbikegear with the Easy Brackets was very fast and friendly in fixing the problem and sending out longer bolts. Anyone who purchases EB, or a deluxe backrest for an 07 VTX may have this same problem. I highly recommended Easy Brackets as the quality and customer service is A1. Here is a quote from Dave at Dave responded within 24 hrs.

---- Quote from Dave
Yeah we went to our local shop to look at them and we were standing there looking at them going "looks the same as all the other years but when we went to the Honda catalog they have different part numbers. Arrrghhh. Anyway, I will get the longer bolts sent to you asap.
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