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just a little teaser to let you guys and gals in on the fun....and so you can make plans for your 2010 season..

the 5th annual ....2010 eastcoast vtx gathering in the burg with bulldog , here in historic fredricksburg virginia is officially set for fri, sat and sun june 25, 26 and 27 , 2010......

a lot of planning and things to get going on still but just wanted to put the bug in your ear....hope to see yall this summer, annd to surpass the 224 attendees we had in 09

more to come...stay tuned

here it is , lets get ready to rumble

This year we look to expand the East Coast VTX Gathering
with Bulldog, and again we are asking for your continued support.
Four years ago, what started out as a way for me to gather my old friends in a celebration of friendship,
and greet the new friends, has turned into something much larger. This year we have confirmations of
attendees not only from Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Louisana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia but we will be joined by groups from
New York, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, and Arizona, just to name a few. From the old Woodstock saying,
book it and they will come, in my case Host it and they will come.
The 5
th Annual East Coast VTX Gathering with Bulldog will take place this year Friday June
25th thru Sunday June 27th , 2010. in Fredericksburg , Virginia

address for anyone who will be attending for the first time and may want to mapquest
322 deacon rd
fredericksburg va 22405

This gathering is paid for out of pocket by my father “Jay’s Pop” and myself “Bulldog”; we do not ask
for anything in return except for the people to come join us from both near and far and have fun. The
Gathering kicks off Friday night with an Ice Breaker get together, then Saturday, we meet at the local honda dealership, Fredericksburg Motorsports, in Fredericksburg,Virginia and have a procession back to the house, where food is served and fun is had, mingling
with new and old friends, admiring others rides and taking notes to better our own rides, we will also
be doing small tech sessions through out the day on Saturday. Entertainment is provided via DJ and
good laughs. We give away the door prizes, everything is given away, and thanks to those who
donated. The Gathering wraps up on Sunday with a beautiful ride through the Virginia mountainside.
Last year we had over 224 proplr and 193 bikes, up 65 bikes and 96 people from the 128 we had in attendance the previous year in 2009, and
we are hoping to grow to 350 plus this year.
We ask for your continuing support and help in making this 5
th Annual East Coast VTX Gathering

the biggest and the best year yet. Whether you attend or donate your support is greatly appreciated.

Pictures and posts can be seen at and, under posts by
bulldog or BULLDOG va x rider

Links to pictures and posts from The 3
rd and 4th Annual East Coast VTX Gathering 2008 & 2009

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Hotel info

Hey Brothers, Today I spoke to Josie Haskell down in Fredricksburg, Va. at the Holiday Inn.
Sometime in April the Holiday Inn will change it's name to Clarion.
As we saw last year the newly constructed building on the right side will become the Holiday Inn Express.
Our hotel will be renamed Clarion.
Same owners, same rooms, same nightclub, same pools. same location,
So. Reservations are being accepted currently for VTX Riders Group Rate for our stay 6/25 thru 6/27. This means you can make your reservations now if you want. We do not have to wait till April. Everything will be transferred to Clarion when the time comes.
Bullet.. Josie says hi and has to call you for your creditcard #. your reservation is on file. As is mine. Currently 25 rooms are being held.
The rate is still 75 / night. (discounted from last year)
Contact: Josie Haskell 540-371-5550

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posted below are the designs for the 5th Annual gathering in da burg t-shirt. The shirts will be offered in black or white (you can order both like me). The shirt are 100% pre-shrunk heavy weight cotton(6.1oz). we will be setting up an order form so all who are interested can pre-order their shirt to have them waiting for you upon your arrival. More details will follow once everything is ironed out. We just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what is coming down the line.


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So here on may 1st, 2010, less than 2 months away, here is an update as to what has and is going on.
due to me having surgery on april 26th on my left hip/femur, ill be laid up for the next 6 weeks, so i am doing as much as i can over the internet and on the phone. door prizes are slowing trickling in and being offered but far less than in the years past, but i wont give up, if anyone can help gathering the door prizes and send to me in advanced so i can take care of them, its hard to do on the last couple of days, it would be greatly appreciated.
Also if any heads of each state would or could offer a state shirt for a door prize and a state patch to finish something special for jayspop, for all his help, it would be greatly appreciated--these too, please send in advanced to our home address, listed at the bottom of the page. thanks to tiny for all his help, as he and a few others from va and maryland have offered to help out in the weeks leading up to the party to help get ready due to my gimp condition, thanks to tiny for taking my idea and running with it and designing the shirts this year, i think everyone will be happy due to having the choice of black and / or white. we willbe ordering them on june 1st and they will be delivered here to the house the week of the party and distributed leading up to the party weekend and during the party.
thanks to dad, mom, and ang for all there help, ang designed a facebook site for us

ang is working on a flyer to be handed out at the local bike shops, if anyone needs some for there area , please pm me and ill send a few your way.

working on getting tables and chairs out of the way, found another supplier , working with them on a price to beat the old supplier.

thanks to the pa guys and gals , we once again have a place to relieve ourselves and take a dump on them.

thanks to the few members that have sent in early donations, so gratefully appreciated, to help off set the upfront cost of pulling this "small" backyard bbq off, lol. and thanks to the awesome gentleman from conn. mr jb for his donation of 250.00 , that bought all of the water and soda, plates and utensil for yall to drink and eat off off...i thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

worked out a deal with the new owner of the 7-11 across the street, letting us purchase our ice from her and using the extra ice chest on the side of the building just for us, rather than having to pay the ice company 150.00 to deliver a cooler to keep it all frozen, so to say thanks i ask that if u need gas or beer or morning coffee to support her.

thanks to jays pop, billie and ang for all there support and efforts , ideas and keeping on my ass....with out them , none of this would be possible, they are the real heros of the gathering and the behind the scenes parts that make it a success. i love you guys !!!!!

thanks again to madhatter-sniper- and sniper mom from maryland for providing our dj service out of their love and amazing hearts.

thanks to my contacts in the other states, whether heads or just members they have help greatly, peteo all the way from pa set up the hotel reservations and blocks and discounts , as well as tramp from ohio., the holiday in is on its 3rd block of 25 rooms,

Econo lodge at 5321 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Fredericksburg, VA, US, 22408 fot $45.99 a night, has good ratings and is supposed to include full breakfest with eggs cooked to order and is close to things/sites to check we can get $35 a night down the street from the motel 6 where we stayed last year, however it has some bad ratings.....I myself don't mind paying $10 more with free breakfest....

and with a bar and the pa guys it is here

6/25 -6/27

Ask for VTX RIDERS group rate
75/ night this year
contact: Josie Haskell

as far as friday nights ice breaker goes, just got informed we might not have use of the pizza place due to them possibly being under construction at the time and only 1 waitress in the house, we will continue working on this and keep you posted.

as far as tech sessions this year, we will have one following the food on saturday, one friday evening, and one saturday night after people return from dinner, we will stay local for dinner, last year was great but took the whole evening, to entice people to return for the evening saturday night , we will hold back one of the bigger door prizes for the attendees of saturday nights events, sorry no nude girls , maybe sally and her sister and some dairy queen, lol

your ideas , thoughts, and suggestions are welcome , so please offer up

thanks again for everything and we will keep you posted as we get closer

with lots of love, your brother and family in the burg , bulldog........................................... ......................

ang went through last night and started a spreadsheet on orders recieved either by snail mail or paypal and we are only up to about 50 shirts so far, we need to get 120-144 to keep the price we were quoted. remember these are a pre order only and that none will be offered at or after the event, also remember that june 1, 2010 is the cutoff date for you orders , so please go ahead and order before you forget about it and get left out.

make sure to get the form and have filled out and include all info, name , screen name , address, size, color , and quanity.
form can be found here

payments can be mailed , if check, cash, or money order to
jason bulldog toombs
322 deacon rd
fredericksburg va 22405

paypal address is

[email protected]

thanks and cant wait to see you all
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