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WOW , What a year! I cant say enough of the family and friends here in the VTX world......after the E.C.G.#5 - 2010..... I will be forever indebited....... With that said , let's getting the ball rolling on the 2011 E.C.G. #6.


JUNE 24th - JUNE 26th, 2011
322 Deacon Rd
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

For those of you that have never attended and wonder what it's about, It started as a backyard BBQ, 5 years ago for our Virginia VTX family, put on by me, BULLDOG, MRS. BULLDOG, ARTJR67 & BILLIE (mom and dad) and a number others that make up our E.C.G. CREW , it is funded soley by the family and cost have been offset in the past by donations and/or the PENCIL FUND, but nothing is asked or expected, but to come and have an amazing time .....and has grown to the largest, un-honda sactioned, gathering of VTX's in the country. It is a 3 day event, held here at our house in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Friday - 7pm til ---- Ice Breaker Party - Our House
Saturday - Meeting at Fredericksburg Motorsports from 10am to 12pm
then with a police escort we ride to the house for the opening
announcements and mingling, food, tech sessions and much
Saturday night - 6pm--Dinner out- then back to house for tech session
and more brotherhood
Sunday - 10am - Head out to the west to the hills of Virginia -- NO OFF

It is a great gathering of old and new friends, with the opportunity to meet people from across the vtx world, whether from VTXOA or VTXCAFE or state and local amazing weekend of friendship and fun for all.

Planning and sponser solicitation has begun and updates will be posted as we come up with them.

Again for 2011, there will be a "PENCIL FUND" with some amazing giveaways and many door prizes

For those that wish to make are the local hotels that we have worked out group rates

Clarion Inn - Formerly Holiday Inn
564 Warrenton RD
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
group - vtx riders
$70.00 per night- regular rate is $94.00
breakfast, pool, bar, band

Holiday Inn Express
560 Warrenton RD
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
group- vtx riders
$92.95 per night- regular rate $114.00
breakfast, pool

Quality Inn
543 Warrenton RD
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
group- vtx gathering
$50.00 per night- regular rate $68.99

Comfort Suites
541 Warrenton RD
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
group- vtx gathering
$88.00 per night- regular rate $110.00
breakfast, pool

557 Warrenton Rd
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
$54.00 per night

Comfort Inn
5422 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Frederickburg,VA 22407
$71.99 per night Double Room plus tax
*Hot Breakfast included

All of these are within spitting distance fron the old Holiday Inn/ NOW Clarion Inn and the Bar/ Club that is in it... just makes it a little easier for all wallets , and to be close to the function and closer to your friends.

More Info to follow as we line it up......
can't wait to see all of you again for a hell of a time!!!!!!!!!

Check us out on Facebook under:
VTX East Coast Gathering w/Bulldog


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2011 East Coast Gathering

Just a update, I got my reservations done and I have a room with 2 beds in Staunton VA at Howard Johnson's and the same kind of room in Fredericksburg, Va at Quality Inn-alot cheaper than Clarion. If any wants to split the cost of the rooms with me, they are more than welcome. I'll try not to snore to loudly- LOL Anyway, this would cut the cost in half for myself and someone else for weds night in Staunton and Thursday thru Saturday in Fredericksburg-I plan on heading back on Sunday morning as of right now. Please let me know if anyone is interested in staying in a comfortable room and having access to a hot shower and would like to share the cost. Am looking so forward to the trip! My 1st year and I hear alot of good things about it. Just a quick note, I am still waiting for the boss to get back from his vacation to approve my time off so I'm still not 100% I can go but I'm sure there won't be a problem but in case there is I'll let you all know ASAP if any changes occur.
Thanks Zilgin! :beer3:
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