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I have a few parts that are laying around so I thought I would throw them up for sale.

1) A pair of spec 3 OEM upper chrome fork covers (minor scratches and scuffs. - $20

2) Down under bracket for 11-inch HARLEY rotors. This piece moves the rear caliper below your exhaust so you see more of the rear rim. Remember this is not for OEM 1800 rotors, but 1800's with 11 inch rear rotors. -$20

3) A polished 1800 C speedo housing - $15

4) A pair of OEM switch covers. One is polished the other isn't. These would be perfect to be sent off to get chromed. -$15

5) A pair of footpeg. There are scratches and scuffs, but if you need something to hold you over until your next pair... -$10

6) 1800 F kickstand. It will fit on any 1800. -$10

7) A kickstand bracket from an 1800 F. It will also fit any model. -$15

8) Rear brake reservoir cover and OEM Master cylinder hose guard -$5

9) *Not shown = Rear caliper bracket - $10

Prices do not include shipping, but I will use the cheapest method to keep the cost down. Just let me know if you're interested in any of these parts.



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