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Greetings all,

There is a chap over in Austrailia, Daniel Hayes, that is going across the Nullabor Plain on a Honda Monkey Bike. He is raising money for a mens organization that fights suicide, mental Illness etc. Please consider donating. >>

Excerpt from Daniels Facebook Page
"The journey begins in 16 days, I have picked MOVEMBER as my charity, this deals specifically with mens mental health and mens suicide prevention. If you have ever watched a VLOG this one will be EPIC with incredible Drone footage and the normal craziness I get up to ! Riding 7500ks from Geelong across the Nullarbor Plain to Perth then back on a HONDA MONKEY BIKE !"

Daniel will document the trip and post vlogs on Youtube. His channel is "Million Dollar Bogan"


Ps... I have been following his YouTube Channel and Million Dollar Bogan is very much worth watching. Go back and watch, you wont be sorry. :thumbup:
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