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I am looking for help with my bike. I have used this forum in the past for a number of repairs and maintenance and found it to be extremely helpful. I have not ridden this bike much over the past year and want to get it running again.
2004 1300 C with 80,000 miles.
Stock jets with Cobra Slip ones.

The bike was not running well so I pulled the carburetor to clean it and change the rubber gaskets. I did this according to Mr. VTX’s write up. I also changed the gaskets in the pet “thing.” I have not been able to get it running decent since.

It looks like I am not getting gas from the accelerator pump. It does not shoot any gas into the carb when I twist the throttle. I took it apart again and wanted to make sure the brass rod that goes into the chamber was not clogged. Is that supposed to be clear? It was blocked and I was finally about to get something through it. I put everything back together and it is still not shooting any gas when I twist the throttle. I pulled the accelerator cap and checked the rubber gasket and made sure the holes were clear in the cap. And till nothing.

I also checked the vacuum diaphragm and did not see any holes in it.
I have checked the ecm wires for breaks.

Am I over looking something obvious?

I would appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.
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