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I bought an '07 VTX 1300C from a coworker a couple of years ago and haven't done much in the way of maintenance or mods aside from oil/filter changes, some holes in the exhaust, and smog kit removal.

I'm headed to Tail of the Dragon next week with my father-in-law to have some guy time while my wife is having a baby shower at her mom's place. Figured this weekend would be a good time to really catch up on everything I perhaps should have been doing. :lol:

I bought the bike with ~5k on it and it has about ~7k on it. I've used as a reference frequently, but I'm wondering whether the maintenance schedule needs any alteration in my case, with a 10-year-old low-mileage bike. Is there anything I should definitely change out now, regardless of mileage or wear, based on age alone? (and outdoor storage for the last 2-3 years)

I'll be finally replacing the *original* stock tires (safety), adding a Cobra Swept Exhaust (fun), and replacing the grips (wear) this weekend.

Anything I should add to the list? BC seems to recommend final drive oil and hydraulic fluids, for example.

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It never hurts to change the final drive oil and it's very e-z to do. A brake fluid flush wouldn't hurt either and again, it's e-z to do. Enjoy the ride!

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Replace the coolant also. Prestone yellow jug is Long/Extended Life and no silicates. Or Honda Long Life is good.

Honda Factory Final Drive oil has some Moly added to it for break-in. The oil will be dark when you drain.
I suggest adding Moly at least this time also but I add it in on all changes. I also have mine vertical when
I add my oil. I believe it was running out when on the sidestand as per manual when I went with the prescribed amount.
A blob of Moly60 paste on the finger tip is the amount I use.

Definitely change brake fluid since it absorbs moisture.

Clean and lube the clutch cable. Check alignment at the bottom bracket. Any rubbing wear on the cable will cause a short life.

Drain the sump of the crankcase vent(cap on clear tubing next to idle speed knob below airbox.

New pipes==new exhaust gaskets. Honda Civic gaskets are the ones that fit from any parts place.
O’Reilly’s carried the ROL EG24647
UPC: 62573157857
Metal Crush Ring
Marwil #: G647B
Future Marwil / ROL #: G647
From Jon'svtx1800c 2007::
Midas- New 521817 old# EN1837 This new part is made by Arvin (of Arvin Meritor)
This # 521817 is also sold under the Marwil brand
Felpro- 60569
NAPA/Victor- F 12329 (OR) F 7283 either one should work
Walker DELETED.. OD too large--Billeng.

You may get many after burn/de-cel pops, blocking off the PAIR valve at the hose fittings at the reed valve cap works.
Other use the nice shiny plates that get covered by the sparkplug cover.
Most people use 40/40 PSI on the tires. Honda specs are too low...
Have fun!
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