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Because of the number of requests that are coming in, we'd like to get everyone listed in one place. Please begin to sign up by clicking on the link below. Let us know whether you would like to see a mod (procedure) done or whether you wish to "donate" your bike as a demo unit in exchange for free labor and great camaraderie. Also let us know if you need directions or overnight accommodations. Brian (BD's Cycles) and Joe (Madness Motorcycle) may be able to help you out if needed.

We need a head-count so that Joe can make reservations at a local eatery for a late lunch/early dinner, if anyone is interested. A group ride may precede or follow the food. There’s a place in Columbia’s Vista area that serves wonder, authentic Philly cheesesteaks if anyone is interested.

Follow the link below to sign up for this event.

Joe Licketto
2420 Main Street
Elgin, SC 29045
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