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The 7th Annual Bama Tech Session is now set for June 15th and 16th. As I mentioned in this thread,, I'm going to combine our tech session with a M&G. There doesn't really seem to be much work needed any more but should you need something done be sure to post up with what you need done. As always we're glad to help out any way we can with upgrades and maintenance. Just be sure to bring all parts and/or fluids needed. Some things like grease I'll have on hand but oil, brake fluid, fork oil, filters, crush washers and stuff like that you'll need to bring. So if you want your bike worked on lets try and be here by 9am that Saturday. If you need a valve adjustment we can do that, just remember that your bike will need to sit for at least 4 hours to be dead cold. Overnight is best so remember you're welcome to come in Friday night before hand. I usually have a couple of my regulars come in Friday night and we'll start the day with breakfast at the Western Sizzler on HWY 72 in Scottsboro at 8am. You can meet us there and have breakfast with us if you can.
Now to the M&G part. I'll probably put a couple of butts on the smoker and we'll have BBQ ready by late afternoon. The pool will be open so bring your trunks and a towel if you have room. I'll have some beer, water and soft drinks on hand. If you're a beer snob then you might wanna bring your own. So my plan is to do any work needed as soon as we can start on Saturday morning then spend the rest of the day hanging out by the pool and keeping the smoker going.
Sunday morning my plan is to go for a ride. For those staying in Scottsboro over night we'll head out around 8am for breakfast (again at the Sizzler) and then ride as far and long as we can until folks need to start heading home. Lot's of good riding near by. We can head up to Lynchburg TN or south toward Mt Cheaha. If anyone has any other destination in mind post it up and we'll make final plans for the ride later.
I have a small room over my shop that can sleep two or even three. It has a TV, fridge and a bathroom. If you need a motel room and need some help finding one let me know and I'll direct you to most anything at most any price. Scottsboro is a pretty small town so all the motels and hotels are near by, within 10 minutes or so of my house.
I'll probably set up a donation jar to help off-set the food and beverage costs but don't feel obligated either. I want everyone to have a good time but don't over do it. Disorderly drunks will be shot and disposed of in a timely fashion. It's usually not an issue but last year we did have have to put one dude in the wood chipper.

WHEN: June 15th
WHERE: My place 412 Cherokee Rd Scottsboro AL
START TIME: 8am breakfast at the Western Sizzler Saturday work will start at 9am.
You can can by anytime if you're just wanting to hang out.

WHEN: June 16th
WHERE: As far and as long as we can
START TIME: 8AM for breakfast at the Sizzler then KSU around 9:30
If you just want to come over for the ride that's cool too.

(I'll put up a ride itinerary very soon for those that need to know before hand)
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