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Hi there!

Visiting and reading this forum for some time now. Usualy looking for tech info and such. Recently I posted my first post at "Wanted or WTB VTX Classifieds" as I am looking for stock exhaust for my vtx ( - still looking). And after few days I got first response to email (now i think that was kind of mistake to add email address in advertisment):

[email protected]

This is Ryan Webb from Blackpool ,Lancashire , United Kingdom. I am responding to your Wanted Ad placed Online. Please let me know if you are still interested . My Mobile numbers are +447031944601 or +447031985805.

Ryan Webb
Poulton Old Road Blackpool,Lancashire , FY3 7LB
Feeling lucky and wanting to get exhaust fast at first I didn't pay attention to the details in "Ryans" email. Replied quickly asking to send some photos and to describe items condition. To wich promptly got response:

Hi Vidmantas ,

Thanks for the email. Yes i have a VTX 1800 F Stock Exhaust for
sale. I do not have images but condition is NEW and never used. I am asking a 300GBP and price includes delivery. I will be shipping via UPS or FedEx which ever you prefer and will take payment via Moneygram. Whats your shipping address?

The fact, that in this age seller has no item photos, asking price is fixed despite that he didn't knew where to send it, item name "VTX 1800 F Stock Exhaust" has all capital letters as if it was copied from my advertisment and first time heard money transfer system ringed some bells in my head. I started search for this person details online (facebook, linkedin - results didn't matched his provided location), googled all data he provided - name, email (no result), phone numbers. And phone number provided some worrying results

If in this forum is true "Ryan Webb", be advised that someone uses your information for scamming.

So, in conclusion few tips (wich you maybe already know, but nontheless are usefull to repeat):
- have patience, don't send money right away;
- check everything (names, emails, phones, addresses.. everything seller provides to prove that he is "legit");
- analize what he is suggesting (in my case item name looked like was just copied from the add, item price included shipping before he even knew where to send it);
- use money transfer systems that you're familiar and feel safe to use (f.e. paypal has some buyers protection system);
- think carefully about adding your contact info outside this forum in advertisment.

And to administrators of this forum I would like to suggest first line of defence against scam - make advertisments accesible only for registered members.
And to fellow vtx'ers - share your tips or stories about avoided/being victim to scams.

Be safe,

P.S. sorry for grammar :)

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I've made several transactions on this site, and have not had a single problem (lucky I guess). However, all of my purchases (and sales) resulted in several PM's back and forth, to arrive at the details. Some even included phone calls before the transaction was complete. I guess, by going this path, I felt comfortable enough with each of the members, that 'scamming' never even crossed my mind. Your post certainly gives me something to think about, though, and to safeguard against in the future.
Thanks for taking the time to share.

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More info on scams:
Scam phone numbers in the United Kingdom (+44):

If an email mentions a UK phone number starting with +4470, it usually means that the sender of that mail is not in the UK at all and it is almost guaranteed to be a scam.

Usually the presence of a +44 70 number in a 419 scam email means you're dealing with criminals based in Nigeria who are using these numbers to make people believe they're dealing with someone legitimate who is in the UK instead of a criminal in an Internet cafe on a different continent.

Do not reply to any emails that mention +4470 phone numbers!
Never call such numbers!
Break off all contact with these people!

The scammer most likely is NOT based in the UK. +44 70 numbers belong to international call forwarding services. Their whole point is that people can reach the user of the number when he's not in the UK. These services make it possible for scammers to hide the fact that they are based in Nigeria or other countries in Africa, while the scam victim will believe they're dealing with someone in the UK. Very few (if any) legitimate individuals use these numbers. Banks, law offices, UK immigration officials, etc. never use +44 70 numbers because, since their offices are based in the UK, they have no need to redirect calls to their offices to some mobile phone outside the UK. We have not come across any legitimate UK businesses yet that use +44 70 numbers. Their only visible user base are scammers in Nigeria, South Africa and elsewhere. It is a perfect mystery to us why the UK authorities allow these services to continue operating despite them being used almost exclusively by criminals.

UK phone numbers starting with '70' are "Personal numbering" in the "Find me anywhere" range. Charges for calls to these numbers are not distance-dependent. They can cost as much as UKL 0.50 (USD 0.90) per minute to call and can forward the call to virtually any phone number in the world. Forwarding numbers can be set up for free and completely anonymously via websites such as

In most cases when you call one of these numbers the phone that starts ringing will actually be a mobile phone somewhere in Nigeria, as the UK number has been programmed to auto-forward calls to another number. These +44 70xx numbers are used as a redirector service to obscure the fact that the person taking the call is not actually based in Europe. The UK number is used to lend credibility to the scam. Unfortunately the authorities in the UK do not seem to be taking any action to shut down such phone numbers.

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It's all about common sense. Not limited to here. I'm not sure I would have done what the OP did as far as searching for the member's detail real world.
-First red flag for me was someone from overseas trying to complete the sale. You know how much it costs to ship things over an ocean?? Especially something the size of a VTX exhaust?? :yikes: Air freight ain't cheap. Doesn't matter if it's a short hop over the English Channel or the Atlantic. If I had to guess, it'd probably be fairly close to the the asking price for the exhaust itself.
-Second red flag is the other person providing ALL the means of payment/contact/transaction details in ONE return message. They are busy scamming hundreds (probably thousands) and don't have time or memory to individually work with EVERY SINGLE VICTIM (er, buyer). . . . they send out a blanket message in the hopes some poor schmuck just replies and pays.
-Third red flag, "ryan webb" solicited YOU. If it's someone claiming to be two towns or counties away saying "hey, I have this maybe it'll help you." that's one thing, but someone trying to help you out, from overseas?? Knowing everything above? Nope.

We've all gotten the scams. . . I know I have many dead relatives from overseas who've all bequeathed me millions (sometimes hundreds of millions) in inheritance. Some nice estate attorney's have gone through an awful lot of work to find me!! :roll: All I have to do is send them a couple thousand bucks to 'facilitate the transfer' with MY account info. . . . sure. . . hold on one second scooter, I'll hook you right up. :roll: International law is wonderful, but it doesn't exactly work as smoothly as local law. Scammers know that and use that to their advantage.

Admin/Mod's can't catch ever single leach that comes to the forum, though we do stop a fair amount before they hit the forum and we'll ban those who sneak through (usually by IP address so it's more work for them to re-register).

[EDIT]: I re-read your message, yeah, it's never a good idea to post your private email address in a publicly accessible forum. That makes it much easier for people to try scamming you. And to be fair, the scammer wasn't a MEMBER here. . . So it's not like we have a scammer amongst us. It was a random tool who was surfing the forum and found you had placed your private email address in a message. [END EDIT]

Good luck on finding an exhaust system for your bike! I imagine being in Lithuania isn't helping your search any.

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Submit their email address to a gay porno/swinger website and tell them you would like to receive their regular offers and mailings.
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