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Did a lot of work on the bike this winter including replacing bottom radiator hose due to bubbles and pitting on the original, in the rubber near hose clamp on water pipe side. New OEM part was ~ .5" longer, with a 1.5" rubber sleeve partially glued around the center, glued only on the top side. There was a green 'paint' streak coming out from under the glued on sleeve, as if to indicate 'glue here'. The added length is no problem, and I thought more protection (sleeve) from road debris on the lowest part of the bike would be a good thing. This hose ended up leaking from under the sleeve within 100 miles, clamp connections upstream and downstream were dry. After much ado, took this bad part back to the dealer for over the counter warranty exchange. Second hose (with sleeve, partially glued, and paint streak) installed and was leaking from the same place in less than 200 miles.

Has anyone else come across this problem with the same type hose?
PN 19117-MCH-010 replacement for original, fits 02 - 08 1800's and others perhaps...

American Honda motorcycle support has (had) no knowledge of problems associated with this part until today. Please speak up if you do. Thanks
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