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A couple of you know I needed a longer brake line after putting on my new risers and bars.

Well.... I got a retro line from a guy off the board which gave me the extra length at the top I needed. Unfortunately, it also gave me 4 extra inches on bottom too!!!! So it wouldn't work.

After much thinking, calling and improvising I found a solution. Lincoln Clutch & Brake. They cut the extra length off the retro line and crimped on a new banjo fitting. VIOLA!! The new fitting is gold in color so I'm going to mask it tonight and paint it black, but after that I'm ready to mount it and bleed the brakes.

So if anyone needs some special brake stuff, that's the place to go. (they can make braided too but it's not coated. They even have the funky fittings that go under the triple tree. I may have them make up another main line that has braid on the top hose and black on the bottom hose so I'll have all braided at the bars. Dunno yet though.
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