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Brake/tail light issue

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My boyfriend and i have been trying
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to hook up this light that someone else previously had installed but it didn't work correctly. We can get the lights to come on but when he squeezes the brake the running light goes completely off, nothing gets brighter. When he applies pressure to the foot brake it does nothing at all. pictures attached
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Either you have a defective light or you connected the light's wires to the bike incorrectly.
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Ah, that changes things. If the original wiring has an issue then you needed to fix that first. I don't remember where the fuses are for the lights (under the ride side cover, I think) but others should be along to provide specifics. If the fuses are good you need to look at the wires' connections for corrosion and to make sure they are actually connected. If all are connected, you need to check the wires themselves for shorts or breaks. Easier said than done, but start with the easiest first and work towards the most difficult.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts