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Brake/tail light issue

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My boyfriend and i have been trying
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to hook up this light that someone else previously had installed but it didn't work correctly. We can get the lights to come on but when he squeezes the brake the running light goes completely off, nothing gets brighter. When he applies pressure to the foot brake it does nothing at all. pictures attached
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Green yellow- brake/red
Green- ground/black
Brown- running/yellow
Orange- left turn/left turn
Light blue- right turn/right turn

When we brought the bike home only the running light was working, no turn signals or brake
I recommend changing out ALL your fuses with the EZ-ID or Smart-Glo kind that light up when they blow. That way, if you can't see on the fuseholder which fuse circuit it controls, when it blows, you've isolated the circuit. Have plenty of spares. You can get a nice little kit for around $30 with various amp ratings. Good luck solving your issue.
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