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Just bought an 07 vtx 1300 from a family friend. 12k miles, $3300.
When I test rode it, it seemed like it was choking a little when I threw down Wide Open Throttle WOT.
I pulled the choke out a little and it bogged down, it would start again without moving the choke and when I pulled it out about halfway, it seems to run and idle fine. First year is a little slow, I get to second and it bogs when it's WOT.
I'll let off and my acceleration starts to feed up again. Going through all the gears, it seems a little slow, but if I keep it at Normal acceleration it doesn't act up. Until about half way through 5th.
Fuel filter comes to mind, God forbid a carb clean.
The only other indicator that somethings a little off is I'm getting the slightest hint of black smoke from the exhaust.
Any recommendations? Ideas of what it could be? I just came from a Vstar 1100 so a 1300 shouldn't be slower I'd think.... 馃槀
Thanks for the help in advance

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Welcome to the VTXOA!

How long has it been parked since previous owner rode it?
Ethanol gas causes clogged jets and clogged emulsion tube holes.

Check/replace vacuum hoses. Hoses crack/split on the ID, vacuum leak can reduce fuel flow.

Test fuel flow, remove hose to carb, have a catch can ready, apply vacuum to petcock vacuum port.
You should have a good fuel stream.

Some of your comments sound like the slide valve diaphragm could have tears in it.

Black smoke at idle, clogged orifices and possibly high float level.

Both exhaust ports getting hot shortly after being started??

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sounds like crappy gas.
fill er up with non ethanol and see if it clears itself up before taking things apart.
should notice a difference fairly soon if its bad gas.

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I had the problem of it bogging at wot but it took a few seconds to act up after opening it up. It was the petcock diaphragm. Couldnt hurt to check it

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Black smoke sounds like it's running rich.

My new to me vtx 1300 came with a mouse nest in the air cleaner. Restricted air flow will cause a rich condition.

Plugged jets will cause it to run lean, not rich. Vacuum leaks also cause lean condition. Plugged fuel filter will also cause a lean condition.

Pop off the air filter and see if the bike runs better if so look for some air restriction.

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Could be as simple as running a tank or two of Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner through it.

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Checked spark plugs?

The VTX 1300 is heaps and bounds faster than the VStar 1100. The difference in power is very noticeable. If you ain't noticing it, then something is wrong with your VTX.
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