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I will try to make this short. My brother and I were living in a house in Arizona. We moved out in 1993. My brother out of state and me to a different house in Arizona. My brother left behind a can of Gillette Foamy shaving cream (AKA Foamy). Several years later I was visiting my brother and hid the can in his house. A few years later my brother visited me in Arizona and I found the shaving cream can in my house. Damn! This exchange of hiding Foamy in each other's house has happened several times. So many times and for such a long time we in fact do not know how many times Foamy has traveled back and forth from North Dakota to Arizona. I believe one such exchange happened when I was visiting my brother and he hid the can in my car before I left his place. Major burn there.

Last summer I did a motorcycle trip from Phoenix to Newfoundland. On my return to Phoenix I was going to visit my brother in North Dakota and was carrying Foamy with me on the bike. My evil plan was to document Foamy's travels with pictures as he progressively got closer to my brother's place in North Dakota. The last picture was suppose to be the street sign in front of his house or even his mail box. My problem is when I took a picture of Foamy at the Kentucky-Tennesse state line I believe I left Foamy on a post with the Kentucky state sign in the background. Damn!

I am asking for help in locating Foamy. If folks living in the vicinity of Foamy's last known location (See location below) and are out for a ride please stop and look around to see if Foamy is laying around waiting to be rescued.

Attached are several pictures of the fun times Foamy was having on the motorcycle. Foamy's return would be greatly appreciated to keep his travels going.

Missing One Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream Can
Last Seen:
June 3, 2022 at 10:AM CDT
Last know locations:
36.642601 , -86.244543
US Highway 231 on the Kentucky Tennessee state line.'33.4%22N+86%C2%B014'40.4%22W/@36.6426053,-86.2467317,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m4!3m3!8m2!3d36.642601!4d-86.244543

Answers to the name of “Foamy
Age: 30
Description: White with black and green text. Small dent in side of can. Red tattoo on shoulder with the word “Mitch”
Contents: Empty

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2004 VTX1300S converted to R
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This story gets even better, I think. While I was visiting my brother I was showing him some photos of Newfoundland. I made sure to go about 15 pictures past my pictures of Foamy. I handed my phone to my brother and he swiped in the wrong directions and came to a picture of Foamy. He turned my phone to his wife and his wife says, "Did you hide that can in the house". All I did was grab my phone and said, "you were not suppose to see that". Nothing more was said. They now think that Foamy is actually hide somewhere in there house. I think If I would have put out an APB for Foamy last June I think he would have been rescued. Who would not want to go on a ride and rescue a poor old shaving cream can.
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