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Ok, I'm thinking of building my own exhaust system for my X. It's an 03 C.

Performance wise a 2 into 1 right? But what size header pipe? and what size collector? I wont to optmize low and mid range torque.(this bike dosn't have any high range anyway) Am i nuts for thinking 1 1/2 in. dia. header pipes in to a 2in. dia. collector? or is that two small,and to restrictive. I wont to keep exhaust velosity up . I mean, all 1800cc of my toyota corolla has too breath throw 6 or 7 feet of 1/34in. dia. pipe and that revs higher them my X.

What length should the header pipes be? Should i kinda follow the stock system, or build a system like the "pro steet project" bike has on the front page of this web site(although that exhaust is not on it in that picture) where the header pipes y together in front of the "v". What lenght should the collector be? I don't wont to go with a "power cone" collector, not a look i care for.

Anybody have any opinions or any tecies out there that know anything about performance exhaust systems I'm open to ideas .

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