Good day everyone. Hope all are well.

Getting in some riding before that ugly season we all dread shows up...winter.

Been meaning to post this up for sale for a while now, just never could find the time to take pics and post until now.

I have a Cardo Systems SmartH unit that was part of a Duo pack that a buddy of mine went in on halves a couple years ago. Sadly, I've probably only used it maybe 3 times.

It works great, nothing wrong with it. It fully charges and lasts as advertised. It's up to firmware v.4.2 on purpose so it supports up to 15 DMC Mesh just like the PackTalk Bold and PackTalk Slim. In fact, this SmartH is the predecessor of the PackTalk Slim and operations the same with one exception...the SmartH doesn't include the JBL speakers. However, you could purchase the JBL speakers separately and basically have a PackTalk Slim for a fraction of the cost.

NOTE: Cardo states it works with specific helmets based on how the battery unit that attaches to the back of the helmet fits, but it other helmets may fit it with a little creativity or just trying since Cardo hasn't tested all helmets on the market. Also, if the PackTalk Slim fits your helmet then this SmartH unit will fit as they're identically the same units.


Packtalk Slim compatible helmets

This unit will come with everything shown in these pictures.

Again, the reason I'm selling it is I just don't use it and figured instead of it collecting dust, it should go to someone that will actually use it and enjoy it.

I'm asking $75 + shipping. If you're local, I could meet up to make the exchange saving you the shipping costs.

If interested hit me up.


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