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I may have fried my regulator and I am hoping some of you folks can help me see if that is what I did. I have posted on this on starting problems in this forum but I have discerned it seems to be a charhing issue. SO here is what I did, I connected a fuse block to the hot side of the selinod and I guess this is what must have killed the battery. I tried to jump it from a car battery it would not turn over, I then started the car (probably a big mistake I know) and still would not start. I then used a trickle charge on the battery which was still connected to the bike. The battery charged and I did get the bike running. I was going to let it run and charge the battery back up and after abotu 30 min bike died. Battery must have died. I disconnected the fuse block I installed from the selinod and used the tricke charge on the bike and it just started a 2nd time. I am hopeing it will run this time but the issue is when it is running I am only getting about 10.75 volts across the battery. This seems low to me, so any suggestion on what I have done or ideas to check and see what I blew.....
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