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Wanted to share this with the VTXOA Family. I posted this on a sportbike forum...(this man was airlifted to the hospital, but he passed away on his way to surgery)

Last Friday, June 22, 2007, is a day that my family, 3 of our friends, and I will never forget. We were riding the Cherohala Skyway. Little did we know what we were going to come upon. As we approached the scene, we saw a bike turning around, in the middle of the road. Then we saw several bikers off of their bikes, looking for something. My thoughts turned suddenly to the fact that there was a rider down. We saw one bike laying by a tree, and a rider walking away from it. Then we saw another biker looking down the bank, he found the other biker, then he turned around and said, call 911, rider down.

All of us had cell phones, but there was no service in the area. We all seemed to be helpless for calling for help. We went to see what we could do to help the man that was down.

When we saw that help was arranged for the injured man, we decided to head up the road and get out of the way. We rode to the next look out area and tried to get our emotions in order.

This event has really botherd me. I will never get the image of this accident out of my mind.

Guys and Gals, please ride safe.

Rest in Peace Joe

Cheryl AKA Country Girl

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