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Thanks for this great site! Great information for a Newbie!
I have a 2007 VTX1300 Retro and am planning to do the Clayton Mod and change out my air filter to a K&N. I live in Denver and was wondering if the Mod to the exhaust (hopefully it will sound deeper like a V-Twin), will also let the exhaust breath enough to justify the K&N filter. When I roll the throttle on, the bike scoots pretty good, but the engine does sound like carb is somewhat flooding. I attribute this to the "Mile High" thin air and the fact that the dealership told me it was jetted for sea level, when I bought the bike.
I understand I may need to rejet and/or cause some backfiring & popping by doing this. Maybe a re-jet won't be needed?
I am very happy with the bikes performance, I'm just wondering at this altitude if I will notice any difference, other than sound, by adding these two modifications. We are also facing a new noise ordnance here for motorcycles.
Anyone from Denver who might have done this? Any advice on a noticeable difference in performance?

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