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Clayton Mod
[HR][/HR] Well the weather here in Baltimore has been around 80 degrees for a couple of days so i decided to tackle the Spring job I'd been thinking about all winter, the Clayton Mod.
I bought a long 15/32 Milwaukee drill bit and Home Depot had a set of Mikita bits, screw heads and other drivers for half price so I bought the whole set of 44 pieces. Total invested, $25.

I have an 1800 R/S/T which I think has a slightly different exhaust configuration. The end of the exhaust is a black, angled, fascia plate Drilling through that is pointless as the muffler chambers are contained behind a wall about 4 to 6 inches past the fascia plate. Some people cut off the fascia plate and the end of the exhaust pipe to which it is attached, and then can maneuver their drill right up to the end of the muffler. I didn't. I drilled about 7 holes around the exterior of the fascia plate using various smaller bits to start my holes . Otherwise the large bit will walk uncontrollably around the surface. Then I saw at least 3 good places to drill into the muffler chamber so I lined up those spots through the corresponding hole in the fascia plate. As that hole held the bit in place I didn't need to pre-drill the muffler. Couldn't have even if I wanted to because the fascia plate is in the way. Once in, I drove that long bit all the way in up to the hilt going through anything that got in the way. So three holes in each muffler and seven holes in what is now the exhaust plate.

The bike definitely has some bark now. I put a K&N filter in at the same time. Surprisingly, no de-cel popping. I'm interested in seeing if gas mileage improves. At lower end of acceleration I didn't notice a power difference. However, the bike did seem to come on stronger at higher revs.
Thanks to everybody who took the trouble to describe their work as it made mine easier.
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