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I have a set of the Cobra fatty freeway bars that are 1.5 inches in diameter. I would like to mount some highway pegs and maybe some extra driving lights to them.

Does anyone know where I can find mounting hardware that will fit the 1.5 inch bar?

fatty bars

I have the same bar. I am abour 5'8" so I tried the setup in the link that I have included.

You will notice that the clamps are 1 1/4 for these kits. Kury hasn't put a kit together for the 1 1/2 bar yet so you will have to order each peice you need seperate. I went with the Longhorns to position the clamps down on the part of the bar that wasn't distorted from bending.

Depending on which way you position the clamps you may get inteference when you apply the foot brake. You can get used to it but if you have to hit the brake in a hurry your foot could hit the bolt end of the clamp. :cry: (Found this out the hard way)

I do have one side that doesn't stay in position if too much force is applied. This could be the difference in the bar tubing from side to side, You may not have a problem. :roll:

All in all the product is good. I did scrape the bottom of the bar in a weird turn I was in on uneven ground. You can tell the difference in the sound when you do.

Hope this helps.

cobra fat bar

Ok..I have been riding with my bar this summer and have to offer this to anyone who wants to install the Cobra 1.5 Fatty highway bar.

It will drag the ground in a hard turn and make one God awful noise in the process. The first time I heard it my heart skipped a beat. Not only do you hear it you feel it all the way up to the bars.

Secondly if you install the Kury clamps with the pinch bolt facing inward you may get your foot accidently hitting it before the brake pedal.

That being said, it looks great and is not real big and bulky on the bike.

The stated issues can be dealt with as long you plan for it.

Hope this helps someone. :p
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