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A.M.S. Medic said:
Got my pics loading at the Texas X Riders site right now. It will take a while. Take care!!!! Joe
Hey Joe! Could you do me a tiny favor? Post the link to your pics, when you get them downloaded. I am having a lot of problems with my slow dial up connection, and it takes a long time to search for things.

BTW, did you have a good time this year? We sure hated to miss getting to be there this year.

Take care,


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Here is the link to the Gallery. Go to "Rallies". Then go to "Colorado 2007". Missed seeing you there.

Carol, I'll be copying your CD's tomorrow. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!! I had a GREAT time. Can't wait till next year. Wanna go for a hike? If you can do Hanging Lake, you can do the "falls"!!!!!! Go see it soon. Joe
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