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Most of the major maufacturers sell the clutch line separate from the brake set, but that doesn't mean you can't have a matching clutch line; it just means you have to be specific about matching the fittings when you order. There are several sets tailor made for the VTX1800. HDL sells a Spiegler set for which you can also get the matching clutch line. The manifold is different from stock, but many people like that look much better.

The complete set is about $520.

I purchase my braided lines from Viking. The full set comes in $200 cheaper than the Spieglers. The manifold is pretty much a chrome duplicate of the stock lines - very clean.

I used to have Aeromach 4" risers, and you can buy the stock lengths. Viking makes it very easy to bump the brake/clutch line up in 2" increments if you need longer.
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