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I've never been to Bikeweek and I'm thinking about going this year and camping at the FastLane Campground. That's the campground at the Volusia County Fairgrounds in DeLand, FL. I will be riding from home near the NC/SC border. Anyone have any experiences or recommendations? I'm really not a partier 0:), so I'm not really going for that purpose, but I would enjoy being at the fairgrounds and going to the music, maybe checking out vendors, riding around, and whatever else there is to do. Really it's a good excuse for the first long ride of the season :grin2:.

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I have been to BW 5 times and there is lots to do depending on what floats your boat. Some of the more popular include :
Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach
Riding the Loop - Starts on Beach street and ends up coming back on A1A.
Cruising Main Street
Daytona Speedway for vendors, demo rides, flat track, and other racing.
Beach Street for bike shows
Cabbage Patch for coleslaw wrestling on Wednesday and Saturday plus bikes shows and vendors. In years past midget wrestling at the campground next to CP.
Deland Bike festival
Burning Bike on the Friday night at Fastlane
Concerts at Broken Spoke, Ironhorse, Beaver Bar, Main Street Station, Dirty Harry’s, Banks Club.

There are lots of great seafood restaurants to enjoy and some really cool roads to ride. No hills and very few curves. The people watching on Main Street is phenomenal. A lot of the venues will start posting bands in the next couple of weeks so just keep searching and figure out what you want to do.

Pick up a map and look at some of the side streets to get around and you can save yourself some time walking your bike in traffic. Some roads can’t be avoided, but be patient since you and several thousand new friends all decided to show up in Daytona on the same week.

I will be there from Wednesday through Sunday as I have never stayed long enough to watch Burning Bike at Fastlane on the Friday night. Send me a PM if you want to exchange phone numbers and try to at least run into each other at some point. I’ll be hanging out with a group of friends so one more is always welcome.

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Check out Iron Horse Salon on US1 in Ormond Beach. :smile2:
The missing 'o' made me laugh. :thumbup:


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