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Eastsider's Ride to the Great Lakes Road Riders' Sunday September 14th 12:00 PM Lunch Meeting in Ortonville, Michigan

Here's the route I plan to take to the upcoming short-duration lunch meeting at Bullfrogs Bar and Grill in Ortonville; the scenic route is intended to bypass Pontiac while staying off the super-slab.

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55 Miles, 1 Hour


10:15 AM - Link-up at the Mr. Pita's Restaurant parking lot near the northeast corner of Rochester Rd / M-150 and Big Beaver Rd / 16 Mile Rd / Metropolitan Pkwy in Troy. Gas-up prior to meeting at the link-up!

.....Mr. Pita's Restaurant (near northeast intersection of Rochester Rd and Big Beaver Rd)
.....3130 Rochester Road
.....Troy, MI 48083

10:45 AM - Kickstands-up and ride north and then west to the Bullfrogs Bar and Grill in Ortonville; 55 miles, 1 hour

.....Ride north on Rochester Rd / M-150 towards Lakeville Lake.
.....Encounter some twisties near Lakeville Lake.
.....Ride west on Lakeville Rd towards Ortonville.
.....55 miles, 1 hour ride time.

11:45 AM - Gas-up at the Shell Gas Station that's located just past Bullfrogs on the northeast corner of Ortonville Rd and Glass Rd; this brief fuel-stop is intended to prepare for the post-meeting ride that Rickie plans to lead.

12:00 PM - Arrive at the Bullfrogs Bar and Grill location in Ortonville

.....Bullfrogs Bar and Grill
.....2225 South Ortonville Rd
.....Ortonville, MI 48462

.....Local weekend forecast: ( link )
.....Local 10-day forecast: ( link )
.....Local hourly forecast: ( link )
.....Local precipitation map (previous 2 hrs, next 6 hrs): ( link )
.....Wind chill calculator: ( link )

Please post-up if you'd like to join me on this Eastsider's Ride to Bullfrogs in Ortonville anywhere along this route, and please include which link-up location you plan to be at, as well as what time you'll be there.

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