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Fabricate to lower coolant reserve tank?

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2003 1800r

Hi. My leak is back again. The epoxy,due to the location of the leak being where it butts up to the motor has softened despite being 500 degree epoxy. There was no leak for the first several rides but here I am.....

Because the tank is obsolete, I am thinking of pulling the tank again, reapplying the epoxy and figuring some way to fabricate a mount that lowers the rank about 3/4 of an inch or at least as far as I can yet keeping it above the frame so it doesn't bottom out.

I haven't begun this attempt but thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone has ideas....i even saw a video if a guy who moved the tank altogether (to the toolbox?) When he fabricated dooley exhaust.

Any tips would be appreciated.

The leak is in the corner where the black grime is.

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Thanks to you knowledgable fellas for opening a new window for us regular backyard mechanics.
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Backyard would be an upgrade for me.
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