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Where Troublemakers Decide to Make No Trouble

''...There is, though, still more grounds for hope.

Not only are gun sales topping all-time highs, and not only are many of these purchases on the part of first-time gun owners who admit to being motivated by the spectacle of the savagery that has been visited upon dozens of cities, but, from coast to coast and in the thick of the riots, patriots of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds have joined forces, armed up, and thwarted the wicked machinations of the Mob.

Below is a compilation of the accounts that I was able to find (though it was hard to keep up and there are undoubtedly more that slipped beneath my radar):

Not far away, rioters and looters trashed Center City Philadelphia and torched police vehicles. Yet the concerned citizens of the Fishtown and South Philadelphia sections of the city insured that the villainy didn’t affect their communities. Fishtown residents actually protected the police; meanwhile, over in South Philly, neighbors saw to it that neither their local Target nor their beloved Christopher Columbus statue met the fate of their counterparts in other locations.

In the Bronx, in an historically Italian-American community, neighbors were out on the streets and in the streets, with some issuing particularly vocal warnings at passing vehicles of would-be-troublemakers regarding the consequences that they would be made to face if they dared to execute their machinations in their community.

The troublemakers decided to make no trouble in this neighborhood.

Within hours, a group of 5,300 armed citizens calling themselves “Defend the Tri” assembled to defend businesses from looters in the Tri-Cities of Eastern Washington. They were there, with the blessing of local law enforcement, to simply supplement the efforts of the latter.

Snohomish, Washington saw armed patriots informing demonstrators that they expected for them to leave the town as clean as when they arrived. The crowd cheered and there were no incidences.

In Lynchburg, Virginia, rioters in the hundreds gathered around a restaurant. Police managed to show up, but they were outmanned. Armed locals, as well as the members of local militias, arrived and prevented the rioters from entering the premises.

In Minneapolis, during the first night of rioting and looting, a couple of self-proclaimed “armed rednecks” joined armed black business owners to help the latter.

In Missoula, Montana, “a concerned citizen who happens to be armed” and his equally armed friend were present at a demonstration to insure that there wouldn’t be any violence.

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, but thirty miles or so from the world’s newest state, CHAZ, numerous men and women patrolled the streets, on foot and by vehicle, to guarantee that no local demonstrators would visit the devastation to their town that had recently been inflicted upon so many others since the killing of George Floyd. Well, there was zero violence and, reportedly, the demonstrators and the concerned citizens expressed some good will toward one another.

The same, however, could not be said for some “Antifa” who ventured into Yucalpa, California and were whooped by the local townspeople.

Armed pro-Second Amendment rally attendees in Lewiston, Idaho were out protecting businesses. A BLM demonstration was held at the same time, and while there were a few words exchanged between the two groups, there was no violence and things remained unremarkable.

In Los Angeles, armed Jewish citizens stood guard outside of some synagogues to insure that they would not be vandalized as have other churches and synagogues during the BLM-related riots.

Over In New Mexico, an Hispanic man who was allegedly associated with a local militia that showed up to prevent the razing of a monument shot (non-lethally) one of the desecraters—but only after a mob attacked him and he tried retreating. Once they proceeded to beat him with a skateboard, he shot. The self-styled revolutionaries then…called for police. The shooter was charged.

The charge has since been dropped.

There were armed citizens in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Colorado Springs, Wyoming, and many more locations. All have insisted that they were there to merely protect innocents from harm and exercise their Second Amendment rights.

In Bethel, Ohio locals confronted demonstrators and, quite colorfully, warned them that, “This isn’t Seattle!” They also reminded them that theirs was a “Republican” town and that, in their town, “All lives matter!”

In New York City, the Dominicans chased out any would-be looters, using means that would have had them branded KKK or Aryan Brotherhood members had their skin complexions been lighter (here a guy from the neighborhood blasts “the liberal spin machine” and their consumers with the true account of what happened when “young blacks” revealed their intention to loot. His response to any and all who would pillage business owners in his community—“No;” “It ain’t going to happen;”—and to those who threatened to retaliate against the Dominicans for defending “Mom and Pop” shops—“If you’re going to do something, come do it”—should be the same response of all us who detest vandals).

As I’ve noted, violence is ugly and should only ever be used to frustrate the aspirations of the violent themselves. This being said, it can have a way of being abused even by the righteous. The abuses of violence are that much more likely to occur when it is not law-abiding citizens but outlaws who aren’t fond of the prospect of violence being visited upon them or their communities in the name of “anti-racism.” What follows are two examples of this phenomenon.

Upon reportedly threatening to wreak havoc in Placerville, California, Hell’s Angels and the Mongols, two outlaw biker gangs, prepared to meet head on any Antifa that dared to venture into the city.

Antifa never showed.

In the Little Village section of Chicago, Latin Kings put the fear of God into troublemakers (supposedly, this includes, unfortunately, some blacks who had nothing to do with any of the mayhem that others were raining down upon other parts of Chicago). You can see here and here.

What all of the aforementioned examples, including the last two, illustrate is that, as I’ve argued in a past article, in the last analysis, fear, raw, primal fear, is a prime motivator. The Social Justice mobs in the streets no more want to die than any of us. Their targets are prearranged in order to preclude that outcome. When, however, they have reason to suspect that their decision to target one community or other could be all of the difference between their lives or their demise, they tend to choose more or less wisely.

In the meantime, the rest of us need to mind our business, be civil, avoid trouble, and always, always train to protect our lives, our loved ones, and our communities.''

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