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I just put my Cobra SlashCut Slipons on my '03 Retro tonight. I couldn't believe how long it took me--over 3 hours! I think most of my problem was: reading the directions several times, breaking one of the muffler mount bolts (thank goodness it was on the old mufflers and not the new ones), calling the dealer and sounding like a total idiot, changing sockets multiple times, trying to keep from cross threading one of the small bolts that hold on the regulator, and then putting the top Cobra muffler in the bottom position and then having to take it off and put the right one in the right spot. Did not forget to clean and polish the mufflers though, so I would not make my fingerprints a permanent fixture before I fired it up.

Oh My God, that is one beautiful sound at idle and authoritative on acceleration! I am more than pleased with the results. I am glad I did it myself and saved a few pennies, (not to mention learning a little and increasing my bad vocabulary a lot), but a little faster so I could ride longer tonight would have been the icing on the cake. Now, if I can reposition one of the heat shields better, all would be perfect.
Anyone else take that long to do theirs?

In spite of all the setbacks, I still have this really, really, big grin on my face when I think about that sweet sound.
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