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We are fine it wasn't us it happened after we went over the bridge we didn't know anything until we got home last night

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bridge crap and I split off at the bridge..we went guys north...saw the news last night...freaked me out...glad to learn you all are safe...the place/time etc..was scarey

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here is an artical about the accident hopefully it shows up

MIDDLETOWN -- One motorcyclist was reportedly killed and at least six other people were injured in a two-car, four-motorcycle accident that shut down the Arrigoni Bridge in both directions for nearly three hours Sunday.

The motorcyclist apparently died instantly when an eastbound, late-model white BMW convertible reportedly crossed the centerline and struck the westbound motorcyclist full-force.


Three other motorcyclists who were riding with the victim all struck the car with varying degrees of severity, while the BMW in turn was struck broadside by a small, westbound Chevrolet. The convertible slammed into a retaining wall on the bridge and sat ruined, crosswise in the roadway, blocking both westbound lanes.

The result was a wild scene that left the roadway littered with debris, and brought police, fire and emergency ambulance units flocking to the site.

Both the west and eastbound entrances to the bridge were shut down following the 3:33 p.m. accident; the bridge remained closed to traffic until 6:10 p.m., as emergency personnel struggled to remove the dead and injured and clear away the debris, and police attempted to reconstruct the collision.

The accident occurred at the top of the bridge, where the eastbound road takes one final curve before straightening out as it crosses the main span of the bridge, and the westbound road begins the descent into Middletown.

As their investigation continued, police Sunday evening were able to release only the barest version of the events.

They said three people were transported to Middlesex Hospital, and three more were taken by Hunter’s Ambulance to Hartford Hospital. A seventh person was flown to Hartford Hospital via the LifeStar medical evacuation helicopter, which landed at the McDonough School to take on its passenger.

More details of the accident were supplied by Mark Olson, a Woodbury resident who was one of the four motorcyclists.

Olson suffered only relatively minor injuries despite apparently striking the car and running through the debris field, only to have his motorcycle lay down after striking the retaining wall.

Olson was thrown from the motorcycle, and said he skidded perhaps 40 feet on his back after first striking his head on the roadway. However, he was wearing a helmet which, he said, "probably saved my life."

Olson, who owns a sprinkler company, said he and the other three motorcyclists had been out for a leisurely Sunday ride when they were heading across the bridge. The BMW suddenly veered into oncoming traffic and struck the lead motorcyclist head on, Olson said.

A fellow rider, who did not wish to be identified, said, "The white car crossed over, and all four of us hit the car, I think."

Like Olson, this rider, too, was wearing a helmet, which he lost in the ensuing collision.

"I don’t know where it; it might have gone over the bridge," he said.

The man was in considerable pain following the accident, and Olson and paramedics repeatedly tried in vain to convince him to go the Middlesex Hospital to be checked out.

As the man spoke, a wrecker winched his ruined gleaming white Harley-Davidson Road King onto its flatbed.

The man, a veteran rider from Newington who was wearing a black T-shirt advertising a Goldsboro, NC, Harley-Davidson outlet, said his bike was "brand-new; it only had 400 miles on it."

As he waited for a ride to take him off the bridge -- he was too hurt to walk any distance -- the man said he doubted he would buy another motorcycle. "My wife would kill me after this," he said.

As Olson waited for a companion (she did not want her name used) to arrive, he said he couldn’t remember how long he had been riding. "I grew up on bikes," he said.

The bike he lost Sunday was only a year old, and had just 6,000 miles on it.

Olson said motorists’ disregard for motorcyclists -- which was never good -- "is getting worse." He said he barely escaped a serious crash recently in Southington, when a motorist pulled out in front of him -- and then stopped.

Olson said "strongly supports a helmet law. I know some people will fight it. But, I always wear one. And if anyone gets on my bike, the first thing I do is give ‘em mine to wear. If they say they’re not going to wear it, then I say ‘You’re not riding with me.’"

His friend said she did not go out riding with Olson because "I had a premonition Saturday night."

As she made her way up the bridge, Olson took her to inspect the crash scene. She bent over double and burst into tears when she saw the carnage.

As he made his way off the bridge, Olson got a cellular telephone call from a friend who had heard about the accident.

After asking how he was, the friend asked the question that hung in the air: was Olson going to get another motorcycle?

Absolutely, Olson said. "Same kind. I’m not going to let this stop me."
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