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Hello, I am selling this cobra short sissy bar with pad from my 03 VTX1800c. I recently upgraded to the standard bar with a bigger pad. Love the look of the short with the mini pad though. It does the job but well and did so for 16 years.... my wife is getting older and wanted the bigger backrest. I am asking $150 plus shipping. Dennis Kirk wants $255 for it new. Cobra wants $340 for it new. The side rails are in NEW condition. I reused my side rails for my new bar so you are getting the new side rails in NEW condition. The pad is 16 years old but you wouldn't know it. No tears, no fading, no loose stitches, no holes. Shines up like a new penny with Mothers Leather Conditioner. The bar itself is in great condition - not new, but darn close.

Here are some photos of it. NOTE: The wavy look in the chrome is a reflection of my ceiling texture - there is no defect in the chrome.

I will post an update when sold.



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