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? for those running internal wiring on their handlebars

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I am ready to change out my stock 1300C handlebars for aftermarket bars. I thought this would be a good time to see what's all involved with running the wires internally. The question: Is it just the electrical wiring that goes inside them? I was curious if there was any way to run the throttle/clutch cables internally as well. I don't think you can, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

Also, if you have any suggestions that would help with the installation, pictures of your setup and what bars you decided to go with, that would really help.
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Try these on for size......


Needless to say, I ran JUST the electrical wires inside.

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OMG, those Stealth bars are the bomb! Need to rob a bank for those, though.

Which bars do you have?
I got the CP Fatty Beach Bars for my Retro.

Pretty bad if your bars cost 1/3 of your bike. :roll:

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