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Hey guys I finally grew a set and drilled my pipes,it was problably the easiest and cheapest mod Ive done yet. I drilled 6 1/2 inch holes on the outer plate and 4 1/2 inch holes including one down the the little exhaust tip. Its not as loud as I thought it would be,dont get me wrong its a drastic improvement over the sewing machine it sounded like before,but
I didnt notice as much difference between just drilling the front plate as having them both drilled. Now when drilling the second plate I saw those factory 1 inch holes that I tryed drilling around and there was that inch or so cap looking thing that was kinda directly below the the tip behind the first plate that I put a hole in.
Does more holes equal louder better sound or should I quit while it sounds good. Where am I getting the louder sound from drilling the first or second plate.

Thanks guys
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